My Oil Paintings : )

so i was going to oil painting classes before Ramadan thats in June/July
and i have been practicing at home waching videos on the internet
here are some of my paintings..enjoY ; )

1. My First Painting..i juuust looove it and loove the colours..its not very professional or real but its freshh
2. My second painting or third can't remember

3. Reflection :) these are still my very first paintings i tried..i was trying new techniques and views

4. I don't quite like this one but it looks good in my room with gree and yellow decoration

5. I looooooooove the sea..i think this looks ok but lacks some fresh colour

                                       6. nice colours just lacks depth ..not very professional
7. This one was quite hard to copy from another painting..i really like it..the water needs adjusment and depth

8. i looooooooooove flooowers soo much and loove those paintings

                            9. This is actually one painting I love the combination of the colours

                 10. This is my last painting I drew it recently..i just loooove it and love waterfalls...
this is my favourite for now ^____^
Most of my paintings are nature and flowers...and most of my paintings i tried to copy  an image, painting or a view i saw on the internet 
let me know what u think and what to do to improve my self :)


RandOm WordS

Your past does not define who you are today..once you change your direction consider your self a new peson..

people deserve second chances..if u lost a dear one..dont you want them to give you a second chance?

they say..forget and forgive..and yeah its not that easy but definitly worth a try..

love people..help them..so u get love n help back..dont expect others to try hard to be around you and care when u dont.. :)


A Come Back..For A Reason..

Its strange how life turns out...i dont think that as kids we imagined where we would end up as grown ups..! not only that but to imagine where our siblings..cousins and friends would be or who would they marry.. watching ourselves mature and take all these decisions kinda makes u wonder whether u have done the right thing or not.. whether those who u still think about and have memories with think of you too or not! Just random thoughts..will come back later..i have some packing to do..