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Uni Lab

Salam Alikom..These are few images from my samsung L700 Camera..images from here and there..let me know which oen u like the most..why..does any specific image remind you of somethin..? EnjOY :D

Image#1: In my RoOm

Image#2: A hole in Sharjah Road :D..Don`t let the experiences of life carve a hole in your Heart..but let it polish your heart SO it becomes BeauTiful and Strong enough to absorb the Light and reflect Darkness out of ur way.. ^_^ tfalseef Spring-Blend :D

Image#3:Do you want to be on top..the one who gets the whole attetnion..or do you want to be back..un-noticed..minding your own bussiness? and why..?

Image#4: My SweEt Close Friend`s Writtings & DrawingS...

Image# 5: Dubai...!

صورة رقم 6: نادي السيدات في السارقة

Image#7: A Glass Drawing (I think :D) in China Town..

Image#8: My neckless..is it real Lulu?...or is it not..? hmmmm..interesting Question..but u know what. it is BeauTiful so..emmm..WHOOoo CARES? :D

University YuMmy ice-Cream

The LoveLy Sky...

Does ny Image Trigger Any Memories..?



A Day In Memzar Park :D SOoo COOooool...

I can See YOOOOOOOOOOu..you sneaky Mooon :D
A Long Greenish Walk hand-by-hand...
The BeauTiful Blue Sea :D..

A Beautiful View of an Empty Bench..Waiting to be Filled..! :D

This is our Hugging orange juices :D

Hello Lovely People (i hope :D)

so..i wanna talk about my journey to memzar park on this saturday

wOOOOOOOOOW..it was soooooo nice..i went with one of my best friends "K" or tamtam as i call her sometimes..we arrived at about 5 and we bought some snickers and yummy stuff.. the stuff that nutritionists should not eat that much :D OOpSsY LaDdY

so..then after the Magreb Prayer we rented a Bicycle for one hour..it was sooooooooo nice..and tamtam was really methawra..she was directing(driving?) anyways..she was driving faaaaast and coming down mun7adarat :D..i was sooooo scAARED TO FALL ON My FACE AND I imagined THE BICYCLE FALLing ON ME :P ..

but it was fuun..and then we raced with two young boys. ...maybe 11 or 12?i dunno..we raced with our bicycles.. one of them said he is iranian so i said me too ..and i told him..do u know shiraz? he laughed at me like this: ha ha ha as if not beleiving that i am originally iranian, how dare He? :D Loooooooooool...kaaash5a :)

that was fuUn..then we went to eat yummy stuff..(junk food )and after 8.30 we went to the beach..we lied (is this word right :S)? down on the sand .it was cold..the feeling of the sand pouring through my fingers was sOOoooo lovely..and we were looking at the stars..talking and listening to the sound of the Waves,sooooo relaxing..now when i think about it..it just seems like a BeauTiful Dream..Another Beuatiful Dream..wish you were there MirACLE, DIMpLI, MALEKA AND 3AZEZTY "A"..INSHA ALLAH NEXT TIME ^___^ HOPEfULLY

Thanks for all The BeauTiful People that Read My Posts ..I just LoOoOve THAT :D
Oh and thanx Dear TWeeTy for showing me how to upload my pictures from my Samsung L700 new camera which my uncle gave me on this Aid :D..my lovely uncle

koochy kOoOchy uncle and TweeTy :D

سبحان الله العظيم وبحمده : ) ^___________^ ابتسمووووووووو يا عالم فالحياة جميلة...


FloaTing On The Air..Ice Skating..

I just ate a multin or mountin soemthing chocolate cake from chillis with my family..SOOoooo Delicious..

so..anyways..the other day..on wednesday i went ice skating with one of my best friends,BookWorm, it was soooooo coooooooold..only we two were skating no one else until a while...i just relaized i need to go skating more often..i miss it sooooo much..i don't wanna get 70 years Old and say oh why didn't i go skating more u know..i felt i was Free and Flying..just floating on the air..it is an amaZing Feeling..Try it..really..WoOOwW..i used to go skating back when i was younger..like maybe 14..or 15..with my brother dOoOdYyY and my uncle's son and daughter...those were Nice and sweet days..i also used to go skating with My friend Sara..which i remembered her on wednesday..

so my friend Bookworm taught me few moves..i felt i learned quite some steps..that was cool..even if u don't know how to skate..it is worth trying..Trust me ^_^

and then this Emirati girl came..she was young..and asked my friend to help her cuz it was her first time to skate..so we were talking..and she said she tought i was 15 looooool...and thought my friend was russian and i was Italian..:D hehehe...that was Fuun..i mean ofcourse i don't think we look russian or italian but it was a weird cool thing..:D

then we went to have our launch next to the beach..I had club sandwich really cool weather..I haad soooooo MUuUch fUuUUN..
I went to the ice skating place with mom and my relative..and I remember at the first or second year of university..bookworm had found a connection with some of our friends..ya3ni the girls we met at uni and bookwork had someone in common outside the uni..so it was like sub7an Allah..the world is a small village..but i don't think we found anyone in common then..so my relativewho came with us on wednesday, her sister turned up to know bookworm's family..soo Bookworm told me..i finnaly found someone in commention with u :D that was coooooool..

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What Do You See... ?!

An Image That tells Us a Story Of a Life...

Salam Alikom BeauTiful PeoPple...I am BAAAAAACK..Again..EnErgizEd and
EnThuSiastIC..el7amdel Allah..soooo..i found this Beautiful Image..which touched
My Heart and tickled my Brain cells like a Sweet cold breeze that touches the
Fresh-Green Short grass that has shinny dew drops on them...Beautiful..isn't
it? ...ok enough tfalseeef :D
So..Look at This Image..and Feed my curiosity and Tell me..What Do You See...?!
What Does This Image Represent ..Or Mean To You..?!
Waiting... : )
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*&* لـحـــــــــــــــظة وداع *&*

I went today to see my friend Sara..at memzar mall..i sat at a table and ordered two orange juices..as i was waiting..i felt weird..stressed..the kind of feeling u have when you are expecting to see a guy who proposed for the first time ..lool..i don't know why i felt like that..i waited..and waited..and finally she came..with her innocent looks..we said hi and all and we sat down..we talked about our childhood school memories..nuthing much to talk about i realized..things like how are you..how is family..then she started saying that she will miss me..and i really can't remember what she said after that for a while..i suddenly cried lool..it is funny..there were maany meen..locals and non-locals..i hate to cry infront of someone..not to mention infront of dozans of ppl!!..

but i could not control it..it was a very weird cry..i could't even talk..i paused for a moment..she said don't cry..i say..look now u have made me cry :D..it was hard to stop..i was trying to stop the tears..pushing it back..yet too hard..finally i got control over my self and wiped out my tears and we continued talking..i did not hear many of her words lool..i dunno why..maybe it was hard..maybe i was thinking what to tell her..we huged..and said beautiful things while we were hugging :D..and then i gave her her gifts..she said لیش تعبتی حالک؟ i told her تعبكم راحة

hmmm..what else..el7amde Allah we didn't cry when we say the last few words infront of mom..

mom Allah ye7fa6'ha ya rab was waiting in the car..
تعبت أمي وياي
الله يحفظج يا سارة وتسافرين بالسلامة يا رب وبالتوفيق ^__^
رح أشتئلك :D
والله يرزقني رضاه والفردوس الأعلى من الجنة ورضا والدي يا رب
الله يحفظ والدي ويرزقهم السعادة دنيا و آخرة...اللهم آمين : )

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My SwEet Friend..

how would you feel IF one of your oldest and sweetest friend since more than 14 years is leaving for ever?

leaving to her country..leaving her lovely smile, her beautiful Ambition..and her memories behind..

A Letter to my Sweet Friend " Sara ":

I will miss you..i don't think I have ever thought about how it would feel if you left..and when u told me for the first time that ur family has to leave for ever..I cried..I did not expect it..but it is true..

I cried because i felt i was not a good friend..we were in the same city yet apart..i wished i called more often..i wished i saw you more often..so i am sorry..really sorry..for not being there for you when u needed someone to hear you..to listen to you..

i am sorry because sometimes i am soooo selfish that i forget those who care about me..

Maybe this experience was ment to be so I learn something..to be a giver rather than just a taker..to open my heart, my mind, time and effort for those who care about me and I care about them and who deserve it..To give rather to expect to recieve..

I will always try to remember the times we spend together..and Hopefully we will stay intouch untill we become two beautiful old ladies with faithful,cute, loving husbans and many many lovely children and grandchildren :D ^___^ insha Allah

Thank you for everything you have taught me..& Keep your lovely Smile always on your face..don't worry..life is beautiful ..i know it is hard but let us hope and beleive that things will always be better and better..so don't lose HoOpe..: ) Smile..and when Beautiful..unexpected experiences come to your way..don't forget that I once told you..just wait & see & HoOpe.. ^___^
I Hope we will continue writting Letters to each other like the old days when we were at school..remember..?hehe those were nice days..
I remember back then at school days..u were the kind of a friend who saw who I really was when other girls thought i was arogant and not-smiley person..u defended me infront of them..so Thank You..: )

I don'y know what else to say...........I will Miss YOU..

oh..i don't think you will see this now but maybe soon..

Sara is leaving tomorrow night.

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What does it mean to you?

Words Ain't Enough..

I used to say this once upon a time..a loong loong time ago..or so does it seem..is 4 or 5 years ago..soo long...

So.. WOOooordS Ain't EnoOugh..Does it ring a bill..?

what does it mean to u...do u agree or disagree? lemme hear some interesting stoRies..please..Make My Day ExciTing please :D

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