!..LoSsing ConTrol...Or Controling LosE..Or Chaos...!

I don't want to losE control anymore..control over my life..over my emoTions..over my heart and mind..it is overwhelming..to the extend that I can't function properly anymore..i feel my life is in a mess...I keep denying that everything is alright..but lies don't last long..denial is only going to worsen how i feel about my control of my life even more..I usually have a positive attitude towards proBlems i face..but..

patience has a limit..the more i keep denying my problems..the more problems accumulate until the heart and mind stops beating..cuz it can no longer process normally like before..I feel i am sitting between people..friends and family..but i am far away..i don't like to whine but i had enough of me being careless and disorginized and i don't know what..I admit I need help and I need to stop pretending everyhting is ok in my life..i mean..compared with other people..my problem may seem shallow..but it is deep only for those who know what i am talking about..i think it is psychological more than physical..

Somthing needs to be done..wOords Without Action Is Useless..a dream that never comes true..
: )توکلت على الله رب العالمین

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~*~ عـــــــــــــيــــــــــد ســــــــعــــــــــيــــــــــــــــد ~*~

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

مبرووووووووووووووك علينا وعليكم العييييييييييييييييد..الله يجعله عيدا سعيدا جميلا نقيا يا رب

ينعاد علينا بالصحة وبالعافية والإيمان والتقوى والسعادة اللهم آمييييييييييين

عـــــــــــــيد ســــــعـــــــــــــــ^_^ــــــيــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــد
كل سنة ونحن إلى الله سبحانه وتعالى أقرب : )


~*~ I Like IT When..~*~

Al Salam Alikom O Raa7mat Allah o Barakatoh

HellOo Beautiful PeopPle..Hope Ramadan is Great with u insha Allah..although it is passing by sooooo quickly ^_^ sweet Ramadan.

Here are few stuff about what i Like in life & in people..in general:

1. I like it when people use words such a s" Beautiful".."Lovely"..words with passion & Enthusiasim in their daily life..and I do this in ma blog..cuz i Loooove being a positive & a PassionaTe person + also cuz our university teacher "Dr.Salim" uses it too..so he kinda influenced me mooooooore to be passionate..he is a great person masha Allah..what bout you? have u influenced anyone to say something specific u came up with or have any one influenced u to do the same?

I sometimes say " Chincko Mincko"--> like a secret word..referring to something like chocolate if i dont want my nephew to understand or going to the bathroom..hehe it depends on the situation and my friends are influenced so they sometimes say it & Laugh about it.

2. I Like it when ppl say " Please" or "Thank You"..not only cuz its polite..but it makes us feel we are needed and we are special and appreciated.

3. I like it when people Smmmmiiiiilllleeee when they shake our hands..oh and i like it when ppl shake ur hands tightly..it makes u feel ur loved and important..--> I need to work on that..back to Smiling say cHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEsSSSSSSSsse^_______^ . Smiling makes u more beautiful I guess..more social..more relaxing..its a lovely way to make urself & others feel better..and sometimes it breaks tention bteween ppl, specially in embarsSing Moments..soooooo coooooooool...its a Free..easy Remedy for many problems..SimplY SMiLe..is that too hard to ask for?

4. I like to look & Gaze at the sky..when the sun is hiding like a baby behind the clouds..but I can still see its spiky hair (Sun Light)أشعة الشمس coming out of the clouds..like babies who attemp to hide but we still can see thier legs or hands out of the hiding place :D CUUUTEEE.

5. I Like it when pople are Spontaneous (3afaweeyeen) with others..One of My Best friends.."K" suddenly without any expectation may say.. " I love you" hehe..even if i was talking about something serious or what ever..i find it funny and cute because she says what she feels at that specific moment ..place & time without hesitation..and u can feel the honesty..in her words and expressions..she often tells me that she can't say it when she is told to say it..she likes to say it when she feels like it..

6. I like to watch Ants sometimes..watch their behavior. Sometimes Ants..in my bathroom or in my Parents room..cross..or stand face 2 face hehe.. or rub their faces if we can say hehe..and i wonder and i am cursious..what are they really doing? shaking hands? saying hi? touching each others nose for greeting like Emirati ppl or finding a suitable wife hehe? it's interesting..don't you think?what do you think.

These are few things from Here & There on my mind now that i generally Like or Observe..Do..or Hear..in Life

Interested in sharing yours..?

Oh..Thank You For Paying Attention & For your comment in Advance :D

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