~*~ BeauTiful PeopPle ~*~

They say "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and i really beleive in this..

the other day..i was counselling a patient`s daughter on her food intake and what to avoid...any ways i told them she needs a "Nutrition Supplement" which is like milk with extra protein and vitamins with different flavours yummMMy :D elmohem..i was teaching them when and how much to give her of that milk and told them "You should shake it before opening it.." and i shaked it for them and it was open loooooool..the milk Spilled on my sheela :P..any ways..the daughters felt so guilty and two of them started cleaning my sheela with water..i was like"no...no..its ok...but they continued to clean" any ways...and when i was about to leave they said thank you..you are soo kind and good things

I felt i didn't feel i deserved all that praise...!!so why are they soo nice to me?

but when i really thought about it..its not always about me..or Us..its them..Beutiful or Good people see other people Beautiful..they appreciate even smallest simple things we do for them..

if you think about it in the opposite way: people who lie..they always suspect everyone else is lying cuz they do that themselves..


I want to learn Some CoOking :D so here is the challenge for me

Give me one recipe with the details and the cooking method and everything ( simple recipe i dont want a complicated one :P or sweet or anything bas shway shway 3lay)..and i will try to do it over the next two weeks..and i will put a picture here...if until two weeks (u set a date) i am not able to do it حتى لو محروق المهم اسويه :D u should set a punishment for me :P

but i will only choose one recipe

If i succeed then you should do a recipe chosen by me :D

yalla..i am waiting ^_______^

الحمد الله والصلاة والسلاة على رسول الله
لا إله إلا أنت سبحانك إني كنت من الظالمين


~ RamadaaaaaN ~

BAAAAAAAAAAAck...after many many monthS :D

many new Stuff to talk about..but not in the mOo d now to write a long post really 0_0

any ways..Ramadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Jameeeeeeeeeeeeeel for all of us ensha Allah

الله يرزقنا حبه ورضاه وعفوه ومغفرته ويعتق رقابنا من النار ويحسن خاتمتنا اللهم آمييين

i WENT BACK TO my old posts and i came across last years ramadan poSt..Time paSses soo sooooon...!!! Iwonder how much we really changed or Improved since last Ramadan?

Have you?

كم ارتقينا أو كم ضيعنا من الوقت؟


^________^ ابـــتســــمـــــ...Smile ^______^

الإبتسامة أجمل هدية ^__________^

Got This E-mail At Work..LoVed it..and wanted to share it With You..
EnjOoy ; )
اللهمّ مالِكَ المُلك
تؤتِي المُلكَ من تشاء
وتنزعُ المُلك مِمّن تشاء
وتُعِزّ من تشاء وتُذِلّ من تشاء

بيدك الخير إنك على كلّ شئ قدير
رحمان الدنيا والآخرة
تُعطيهُما من تشاءُ وتَمنعُ مِنهُما مَن تشاءْ
ارحمني رَحمة ً تُغنيني بها عن رَحمةِ مَن سِواك
عندما تستيقظ من النوم ابتسم واشكر الله على نعمة البقاء
فلديك يوم في رصيد حياتك لتقضيه في طاعة الرحمن

عندما ترى والديك أمامك ابتسم
فهناك الكثير الذين انحرموا من نعمة الوالدين
عندما تتوجه إلى العمل
ابتسم فالبعض لا يعمل
عندما تتذكر بعض الضغوطات التي مررت بها
ابتسم لأنها مضت ولن تحدث مجددا إن شاء الرحمن
عندما تمر بموقف صعب..

ابتسم لأنك تملك رباً عظيما تستطيع اللجوء إليه في أي وقت
(( قال تعالآ: ألا بذكر الله تطمئن القلوب))
عندما تفشل في تجربة معينة
ابتسم فقد يكفيك شرف المحاولة ‏
عندما يجرحك شخص عزيزا عليك
ابتسم فهناك العديد من الأشخاص من يحاول يداوي جروحك

عندما يظلمك من حولك
ابتسم لأنك لم تظلم أحدا يوما
عندما تعرف إن فلانا من الناس لا يحبك
ابتسم فهناك العديد من الأشخاص الذين يحبونك ويتمنون لك السعادة

أنت من تعيش حياتك فبإرادتك أن تجعلها جنة صغيرة سعيدة
وبإرادتك أن تجعها سوداء مليئة بالأحزان فلك الخيار لتختار
وابتسم لأنك تملك الخيار الصحيح


~*~ DeCisSions.. ~*~

When we want to take decisions..it`s one of the most difficult thing..cuz one decision can change ur whole life..with one decision..you can be happy or sad..with one decision you can either make another person or persons HapPy or Diappointed..

ur afraid if you take a decision that u might be selfish..that u may broke a promise..that u might be unjust to others..

I wish sometimes i didn't have to make any decisions or to choose..but when u think about it..it's a BleSsing el7amdu Allah..cuz u can choose what u think might be the best..but it is such a huge Responsibility..

Others may LoOk at you and wonder why ur SOo conFused..but u can't Explain..
It's a S t R u g L e between Ur HeaD & ur HearT
اللهم لا سهل إلا ما جعلته سهلا وأنت تجعل الحزن إذا شئتا سهلا

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~*~ QuestionS... ~*~

Some Questions In My Mind:

1) If you Quit..does that mean ur Weak..?

2) If your Hesitant..does that mean it's Wrong?

3) If your Jealous..Does that mean You have a Low self steam or confidence or your Selfish or what ExacTly does it mean?

4) If you Pretend..does that mean ur Fake?

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~*~ Don't Be Such an Ordinary Human..!~*~

I dare you Not to be ur self for one day

i dare you to take risk..to do something unusuall..

but u won't


doesn't that make u ordinary?

well.. ordinary people are boring..BOOOOOOOOOOrinG

Its time that u challenge ur self

..Do something New..Be SomeOne New

Time to BE ...rather than to DREAM...

Just Some thoughts croSsing my mind..
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~*~ Children..Make You HapPy..~*~

Al Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam Alikooooooooooom

Hey..GueSs what..?!!

ok..let me tell u what HapPened..

Before two days..suddenly they told me i have to give a lecture about healthy food for school children in the hospital..i was soooooooooo UpSet..why me..? what is this..i am buzy..i have things on my mind...this is what was HapPening in my mind..and i told my BosS..what a beautiful suRprize....?!!......... Thats me being sarcastic :D

any ways..i was angry...what is this..i will quite..why they didn't inform me before..i have many things on my mind..(personally and professionally)

anyways..today i gave the lectre to about 20 student girls grade 4 and 5..and i SOoooooo EnjoyEd it looooooool...sometimes i make a big deal out of a small thing

it was soooo fun..el7amdu Allah and i felt the kids liked the lecture ..so did the teachers..they told me it would be a good idea if i go to their school and give more lectures ^__^YaaaY

any ways..so i guess this is what means when we say
"Every Thing HapPens For A Reason.." : )
and the result turnEd ouT rewarding el7amdu Allah.soo i guess soemtimes we should wait before we judge or get angry..or at elast see the bright sid eof it..but its hard to control my temper sometimes..anyways...so now i am HapPPpY and i havne't felt like this since a while..

These two weeks i had To take SOOOOOOo many decisions..because many things HaPpened all together..and still there are some issues Under ConsideraTioN... Ensha Allah Khair..i just want to make sure i take the right decision..but how can i know >_

yalla see you ^________________^ and Smiiiiiiiiiiile..and i HopE i will be Smiling for a loooooooong time..i am tired of being sad :D

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~*~ RealitY TalK..?!~*~

SOooo ConFuseD >_<
i have a big trouble in Taking DecisionSs..
Yesterday i went to the doctor fo some check-Ups..she asked me weird questions..as she was filling the medical file..
she asked me what my fears are...i told her fear sof failure..and ofcourse i didnt tell her everything specially that mom was setting infront of me :D
she asked me whether i was afraid of cats...she asked me to talk about my self..and actually i wasn't quite sure what to say? i told her some things but not everything and i realized that when u say ur negative things..loud..it is really emmmm..disappointing :S i told her some positive side of me..not much though..i told her i am soo sad and UpsEt these days..she asked me why..

she asked me whether i loved my mom or dad more..loool..funny but interesting questions..

any ways..i don;t feel comfortable talking about these issues cuz i cry easily but i didnt yesterday looool..thank Allah..but it was kinda a relief to talk about things that are usually covered with a MasK..

So what are your fears?


~*~ Test Your Self.. ~*~

Salam Alikom

Lets not talk about me for once :D

here is a cool test i came across..Try to answer before loOking at the correct answer below the question

Q1. How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?

Correct Answer
Open the refrigerator, put in the giraffe and close the door. This question tests whether you tend to do simple things in an overly complicated way.

Q2. How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator?

Wrong Answer:
Open the refrigerator, put in the elephant and close the refrigerator.

Correct Answer:
Open the refrigerator, take out the giraffe, put in the elephant and close the door. This tests your ability to think through the repercussions of your actions.

Q3. The Lion King is hosting an animal conference. All the animals attend, except one. Which animal does not attend?

Correct Answer:
The elephant, since it is still in the refrigerator. This tests your memory. Even if you did not answer the first three questions correctly, you still have one more chance to show your

Q4. There is a river you must cross, but it is inhabited by crocodiles. How do you manage it?

Correct Answer:
You swim across. All of the crocodiles are attending the meeting!
This tests whether you learn quickly from your mistakes.
How many answers did u get right?
I Liked This Test ; )
Got it from..

الحمد الله، سبحان الله، والله أكبر،ولا حول ولاقوة إلا بالله


~*~ How's YouR AttiTude..?! ~&~

William James:
The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.

Hey all..

u know..sometimes i step in the patients room..and once i talk to them..i just have fun..and i explain and explain with all my heart cuz i am enjoying talking with them..other times i can't wait to get out of the room lool..

sub7an Allah..there are some people whom u feel soo peacfull and SOoO HapPy to talk with and be with..even if they were strangers..like today..i met this lady who i really enJoyed talking with her and explain for her about Diabetic diet..and actually i went to the nurse for that section of the hospital .."The VIP"..and she said the same thing i said..she said she really liked dealing with her..so i went back to the pateint and told her me and the nurse liked dealing with her and we enjoyed it..the patient got soo HapPy i felt..and this is another thing..that we should say how and what we feel to others even strangers sometimes..cuz it will add a flavour to their day..and perhaps the rest of their Lives :D

She is one of those specialy People who make my work worth it..those who makes u Just LoOvE what u do : )

masha Allah...some people are attractive..not by appearance..but by their soul..by their Genuine and True Smile and Spirit... ^__^

Some people..although they are very sick and going through a difficult time..they still manage to make u smile..they still say el7amdu Allah for everything..and Allah kareem in a warm-Hearted way..they still accept our suggestions and advices with an oPen HearT

So..Attitude my friend..makes a Mig DifferenCe..

Any Special One in ur mind ..either a close friend/family or a strnager like the security guard or who ever that u feel peaceful talking with them or seeing them around and Smile..?!
and tell Us One Attitude u would like to change? like making a big deal out of things or gettng angry if u waited for 5 minutes for others..anything..?
and have u ever changed any of ur attitudes before..?! What and how did u manage to do so ; ) ?
Yalla share...

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~*~ ThinGs..I .Hide...In..The..Pot..!! ~*~

Do you know how it is when sometimes you feel like you really can't truely smile or laugh like before..u feel old..serious..u can't Taste life anymore..?

i really beleive that when ur not HapPy with ur self..with who u r now...who u became ..nothing..nooooooothing can make u happy until u become the person you strive to be.a better ..stronger..more successful person...u will not be satisfied until u have a strong faith in Allah in words and action and when u improve ur self as a human being..do soemthing worth in life..fight or challenge ur self to reach ur goals..when u respect ur self that u are trying to be the best person you can be..

sometimes i find it hard to smile or laugh with the people around me..cuz i know deep inside i am not satisfied with who am i today..cuz i know i accumulated too many problems unsolved untill the pot can not handle any more and it pours out or Bursts suddenly..

emmmm..and u know what is the sad..?!!! That u can change that..but somehow u don't until everything gets out of control..and u know whats even worse..?!! that u can not admit ur problems or sadness to ur close family member sor friends cuz people will start judging u and say ur weak..or spoiled..or ToO sensitive..and then u feel even worse..so why tell them in the first place :D ? hehe..any ways ..or even when u tell people how u feel..and they get surprised that ur sad or UpSet..cuz they just can't understand what ur going through..so..u feel even more disapPpointed

Sometimes its easier to talk to strangers..or even on the net..or even to pretend like ur strong and nuthing is wrong...

^__^ any ways...el7amdu Allah for EveryThing...i don't like depRessing Posts but who can i share the things I Hide in the pot with if i don't write it here :D

الحمد الله رب العالمين على فضله وكرمه وجوده


~*~ STOP Buying...!!! ~*~

It's Time that we do something about it..i am getting more angry for not doing much for other muslims in the world

macdoland..pizz Hot..berger King..Kinder chocolates..Starbucks cafee ..Pepsi and other soft drinks..and all the famous American/Denmark brands..pleaaaaaaase..let Us Support Muslims and innocent peoPle in something as small as this...lets stop buying those brands...is it too hard? nooooooo..but we are tooo weak to resist...we are tooo self-centred..everyone is dying..children ..women..inoocent people..and we can still see people eating form those places

STOOOOOOOOOOOP IT..stop this silliness...we pretend we care..yet doing nuthing serious about it..its enough..i mean it..

please lets Support Muslims and STop Buying those products...as much as its possible..maybe some will say its hard to Boycottمقاطعة all the products..but lets stat little by little..the things we can..tell ur friends..ur families to do so ..remind people..

anyone who remmebers American or any other countries product that support Isreal..please mention it here so we all know about it..

Thank you..
اللهم انصر المسلمين في كل مكان..اللهم ثبت أقدامنا على طريق الحق اللهم وحد صفوفنا اللهم آمييين يا رب العالمين
اللهم دمر إسرائيل وأعداء الإسلام..اللهم زلزل الأرض تحت أقدامهم وبث الرعب في قلوبهم يا رب إنك على كل شيء قدير اللهم آمييين


~*~ A Letter To..Someone Precious..! ~*~

Dear Someone..

I know you since we were little kids..running around the bushes..laughing..giggling about silly things...we were innocent once..do you remember?.. we played like there were no worries..we laughed like there were no tears..it was just you and me..can't you see what HaPpened? We grew Up..!! we became apart..old days..old memories..i know you miss it like i miss it..i look behind me,,wondering whether i can get you back..i miss you..i miss the fact that you made me proud..

I turn around..sitting in my car..driving in the highway and thinking about you..how can i reach you after all those years..? Will you accept me now..?! now that i have done so wrong..now that i have become a grown up and had my share of msitakes..do i deserve you?

I know i can get you back..we can always open a new page.. we can erase those black markers ..those mistakes..there is always a way back if we choose to take that road..because there is Faith in Allah..there is Hope that we have a Loving and a Forgiving God :)

To..our childhood..our Innocence...
to our old clean page that needs a new
shampOo or perhaps a new journey
for our souls to be pure once again... : )
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~*~ TOooo Much OR TOo Little..?!!! ~*~

TOo Much To Handle..or TOo little Patience..Faith..Sacrifice..?!!

~~ Don't Even Ask ..!! :D ~~

ربي لك الحمد ولك الشكر كما ينبغي لجلال وجهك وعظيم سلطانك
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~*~ صيام يوم عاشوراء ~*~

قال النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم: "صيام يوم عاشوراء ، إني أحتسب على الله أن يكفر السنة التي قبله" رواه مسلم


~*~ !0 HonesT ThingS AbouT Me,,! ~*~

Salam Alikom PePoOooooool

Okay..soo Miss.BoOky or bookworm tagged me to write 10 honest things about me..

lemme start..

1) I LOOOOOVe Turtles..or Tortoises..i know many people don't like them but whhhhhhhhhhy..?they r soo cute and modest and innocent-looking. i used to have 4 tortoises..and i named them..(please don't laugh :@) i think bobo..soso..fofo..and lolo..loooooool..when i was about 10 years old..i thought two were female and two male..maybe cuz they were bigger!! i miss them :( their ending stoRy is not nice..2 died and that it self is a loooooong story with my older brother "DoOdY" and my mom made me leave 2 of them near somewhere :(..and since mom says animals spread diseases and having animals at home is no good..i used to say when i will get married, I will have my own turtles at home..:D

2) I LOOOOOOOVe chocolate..if u put 10 chocolates in front of me..i can eat them in one day..but there is a dilemma here..i am a Dietitian working in a hospital..e7im..:D so i should be a good example :S thats why its better for mom to go to supermarket and buy stuff..otherwise i would buy many maaaaany not good things :D and feel guilty afterwards

3) I don't like to show my emotions that much...i mean in writting or internet its different..but face to face..oh my God..I HATE to cry in front of others..i don't know how to act when others cry infront of me..so don't!! perhaps cuz i have 3 older brothers..no sisters and my brothers used to make fun of me when i cried watching movies.. hehe.. :D

4) My brother used to call me Magy..not magy the soup :D magy with egyptian G ..once my high school teacher called me البلحة الجميلة loool something like "The Beautiful Date" and my university friend called me "Coral Mermaid"

5) i am a veeeeeeeeery very jealous person..sometimes i wish i had sisters but really i say el7amdu Allah i don't cuz i already get jelous from my brothers so imagine SPrinG having a sister :D

6) I am a very MoOdy person..and i don't always answer my friends calls even if the mobile is with me and i am not BuZy..cuz i need to be in a good mood to talk..!

7) Some people think i am palestanian. or syrian..the way i talk and look..altho..I am local who is originally iranian who many times talk syrian or palestinian !! looool..but not with everyone..sometimes, if the person infront of me is not local..cuz i studied in a private school for almost 12 years and most the girls were from those countries

8) When i was younger..mom said that she wishes I marry an indian looooooooool..why? its simple..cuz she went to the supermarket and shoPping alone and there she saw indian couples hanging out so she wanted me to get married to a guy who will appreciate me and take me out and go shoPping and do things together :D but i often say i want a man who will cook for me..since my coOking skills are not very Good..!!

9) I don't understand this hectic interest in car numbers and mobiles just for show offs? i think it's silly...yes i feel rich and high-class when i am in a car with 2 or 3 digit numbers but i don't care or i DON"T want to care and fill my head with arogant thoughts.. and its suferfecial to buy a number like 55 by 500,000 dirhams!!!!! but sadly, many people respect you if you have such numbers..!

10) I Love Crowded places..not suPper crowded but when i go to parks..or ouT..anywhere..i feel sad or depResSed if its emptY..and dull!! i like to see people..to interact with them..even when i am sad...i prefer to be alone but if we have guesTs or we are invited soemwhere i end uP having Fun and forgetting my problems..

11) I Haaaaaaaave to mentione # 11...me and brother DoODy who is about 2 years older used to fight alot..well..still do :D and once we were less than 12..can't remmeber..elmohem..it was afternoon and my parents were sleeping i think..so we faught..i Locked DoOdy in the kitchen loool..he couldn't open the doOr..he told me..hey Spring..lOOk inside the door hole..u can see a Rainbow!!!!!!! and me..the Ex-Naive girl ( i hope its ex! ) looked in the door hole to see the rainbow looooooool..i am not sure whether i beleived it or i was curious to see what he means..and then he sprayed PIFF PAFF or Insect sprayer in my EYES..looooooooooool can u imagine?

Piff paff in my eyes? who would have thought? but el7amdu Allah my eyes are okay : )

Okay..so I tag..LioneSs..Ocean Wave..Karmel..Rude Lovers..thats it..4 people is enough :D

Pls read the post before this in case ur InteresteD..

الحمد الله رب العالمين على فضله وكرمه : )

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~*~ Palestine ~*~

Salam Alikom..

I just got a msg from a co-worker that tonight at 2 Am ..the UAE people want to pray Qeyam -Al-Leel to unify the du2aa for Palestinian Nation and against israel..and to send the msg to reach beyond the UAE..
Not sure where i stand..but i see it a good way to support Muslims and the palestinians.. since we are not very much helping in any other way!!
and since SOME arab governments BAN the people to show their support Publicly and are still thinking what to do..and also some arab countries held music concerts after few days of the Slaughter..!!! No wonder my dad says: "Money Talks..!!"
اللهم انصر المسلمين في كل مكان..اللهم وحد صفوفنا وانصرنا يا أرحم الراحمين إنك على كل شيء قدير
اللهم انصر المسلمين في فلسطين والعراق وأفغانستان وباكستان وفي كل مكان وصبرهم وقوي عزيمتهم وإيمانهم
اللهم زلزل الأرض تحت أقدام اليهود والكفار وأعداء الإسلام..اللهم دمرهم تدميرا واحرقهم وشل حركتهم وبث الرعب في قلوبهم وشتت شملهم وضعف صفوفهم
اللهم لا إله إلا أنت سبحانك إني كنت من الظالمين..إلهي من ذا الذي ينصرنا إن لم ترحمنا برحمتك وتنصرنا بقدرتك يا الله
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