~*~ How PoliticS AffecTs Our Life..!!! ~*~

HeeeeeeeeeeY PeOple

the other day..wednesday..at night my mom told me..

" Have u Heard About what happened in BangkoK..?! "

i was like..OOOoooh..our plans for Eid....so we can't go to Bangkok..?!!!

NOoooooooooooooo..because this political issue...i caaaaaaaaaan't gooo? what is this..i was telling to my self..i WaN t tO GOo..I WAnT TO GOoo..:((
i have been thinking of this since more than one month...
: (
any ways..mom told me that i shouldn't be sad..and have a strong faith..if its Khair it will happen..but i was SOOoooo HApPy since all of my family members were suppose to go ofcourse without my DAD :@@@@@ who doesnt want to come cuz apparently WorKKKK..NeVer EnDs?

any ways it it has been alooooooooong time since we traveled as a whole family all together..i soooooo wanna travel with all of them..

now we r looking for somewhere else to go ..

ensha Allah khair..i really hope we can go anywhere..even IndiA!!!..or Africa!!!...loool as long as it will be kahir, safe and Enjoyable..

any ways..

what r ur plans for Eid? and how do u Ussually Spend the First Day??!!..any special thing u do?!! ^____^

and ofcourse Always..always elhamdu Allah : ) for Every Little and Big Thing in our lives

سبحانك اللهم ربي لك الحمد ولك الشكر كما ينبغي لجلال وجهك وعظيم سلطانك

الحمد الله دائما على فضله وكرمه وجوده
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~*~ Your Life..ExpPOoSseD..!! ~*~

Al Salam Alikom ^______________________^
Okay..lets talk about some thing InTeresTinG,,,

If a famous director decied to do a movie about your life...

1) What would you name the movie?

2) What part of your life will you want the movie to concentrate on? ( a specially story, ur emotional stuff, ur career..what ever...be secific)

3) What would you DON'T want the director to show or concentrate on AT ALLLLLLLLL??

4) What will be the type of the movie? (social...political..drama..comedy..or social and comedy..sad..Weird..or whatever...)

i think i wanted to ask something else..but i forgot..okaay..yalla answer as honestly as you can :D
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& ConfeSsionS..&

hey people..

i am just excited i can write down my thoughts again..its such a releife..wrong spelling :S

i just came back from one of my close university friends house with 4 other girls..it was fun..we laughed alot..

but there is soemthing i don't like in me..which is that

sometimes when i am gathered with my friends..i feel lonely..or that i don't belong .. lool..isn't that weird?

or i feel sad for some reason..i dunno..its weird and it makes me feel uncomfortable for this weird feeling..i wonder alot..and i don't always find answers and that drives me crazy.. how can i live with my self 22 years and stilll wodner who am i?

itssssssss frustrating..i am not in the mood to put some action in ym words like

FRUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuSSSssssssssssTraTinnnnnnnnnnG :@@@@@@@@

:D any ways..

hmmmmmmmmmm...what else..i really think i need someone who will help me be more realistic and wise...and maybe walk on the right path...i dont mean i am not responsible enough to make such choices..but i feel i am still a child lool really..i don't think i am fit for real life soemitmes..people say i have a strong personality..and soemtimes i do yes..but..deep inside..i feel i am A CHILD..AND OFOCURSE a child needs a grown up to take care of...

sometimes when its late like now 12;06 am and i am confused..i say many silly thigns so don't mind me just read and forget about what i say :D i just wanna talk..

sometimes i feel its a very silly and weak thing to cry and be sad..as if we have to be strong all the time..pretending can be easy soemtimes..trust me..but soem thing May hapPen one day and ur glass mask will break down into peices..and i don;t think it will be such a beautiful scene..

i have to confesS that there r many things i wanna change in me..and some thigns that i am really proud to have in me elhamdu Allah...with all my iresponsibility soemtimes..i feel very responsibile in someway..mmmmmmmm..i feel like an old lady who is talking and talking..making no sense :D haha..any ways..

i haaaaaaate it when people remind me of my weaknesSes soemtimes specially infront of other peoPle..i hate it cuz it reminds me of the things i need to change and yet did not make a good effort to change..i think its pathetic..cuz its taking me too long..maybe id eserve to be Exposed ^_^

sometimes i am soooooooooooooooo dreamy.. and i keep dreaming..until reality shocks me..that is why i say i need a responsible ..strong PersoNaliTY grown up to be with me..cuz i want that person to dream with me but wake me uP when i float too high...got it ; )

any ways..maybe i will regret writting this and poSting it cuz i hate to show peoPle my weakneSsEs..but i will post it loool cuz i feel some people feel the way i do as well..so whatever

although i don't always say "whatever" since many things matTEr..but i jsut feel like syaing

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT eVEeeeeeeeeeeeeR... !!! :D

too laZy to poSt a n image :(

heeeeeey..what a deprESsing post lool..i don't like always to write like this but i am fed Up pretendign to be always hapPy ^_^ yuuPPpppYYyyyyyyy..

anyways don;t think i am not happy :D elhamdu Allah for eveRy thing really : ) but these r small little accumulated StuFF in my SWeet BraiN and HearT that needs to be DisucSsEd

Sometimes i don;t care about what peopel think..other times i do alooooooot...what a ContradicTioN...

i still don;t know what i want..

and soemtimes i wonder..

Is what I WANT..NecessarilY what I NEED to have a Good & BeauTiful Life?

got it ; )?

okaaaaaYYY..i have posted A BeauTiful Image ^_^
aND I WILL POST A MORE INTERESTING POST SOON ABOUT A QUESTION THAT I INVENTED HEHE.. u will like it..trust me ; ) i conFusSeD my friend's Mind alot with my QuesTioN..

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~&~ What'S UniQuE AbouT YoU...?! ~&~

A Letter Book i bought before a while to writte letter in ^__^

Tell me 3 InteResTing/Unique/weird Things
about u/ur personality?

let me start..emmmmm..
1. I love writting hand-written letters to some of my friends..and put it in an envelpe ..although i don't do it so often but its fun, REAL, Genuine and
Authentic..i think u should try it..specially girls..maybe guys won't like the idea after all :D i feel it adds a beautiful flavour to the whole experience..u feel the person really cares for u for taking the time and writting a letter..just like old dayS.. : )
2. what else..mmmmmmm...i dunno..lemme think..oh..yaaaaah..i love stretching peopl's cheecks loool..not only kids..even my family..dad..mom..brothers..maid..friends..some of my Aunts lool..its fun and FuNnY..if u r a very close person to me..then i probably stretched ur CheeckS :D hehe : ) maybe only few old people i feel shy...to stretch their cheecks..!

3. I dunno why..but i don't feel so much comfortable talking over the phone with some people..i prefer talking face-to face..even with some of my frieds..i feel over the phone i am not always me..i can't mOvE my hands or expreSs wiht my face..it's like a Barrier

oh let me add a forth thing :D..
4. When i am hungry..i don't like kids ..like my nephews or even older pEoPle to eat or take from my plate looool...i get angry :D specially when i am very very Hungry..

oh and sometimes i wear my socks ...بالعكس lool i dunno how to say it..when i am in a HurRy.. and sometimes I like to eat alone at work..just to think..and EnjoY the SalienCe..even if it`s crowded...i feel it`s nice..not always tho..

Yalla..ur Turn..anything FunNy..WeirD ..InteresTinG..ConFeSssss.. :D

اللهم ما أصبح/أمسى بي من نعمة أو بأحد من خلقك فمنك وحدة لا شريك لك، فلك الحمد ولك الشكر : )


~&~ The Story Behind The Elevator ~&~

Do you know what is frustrating?
when u see some people under-estimating and dis-respecting others..

u feel u just want to punch them in the stomach :D hehe no i am kidding of course
lemme tell u two short scenes in the hospital i am working in

Scene one 1:
i was in the elevator with 3 people i think..one was a local man..and another indian talking in is mobile in a relatively high voice ..when the local came in..after few seconds he said
something like that and he said it in a very disrespectfull and angry manner..i was shocked so was the indian..i felt soooooo angry..what gives him the right to treat people like that?

i am not saying all locals are like this..being a local myself although originally iranian..i see many good locals so its not necessarly about naitonality its about personality and manners and Good or bad udnerstanding of islamic principles..
Scence two 2:

i was in one of the hospital's sections..the elevator opens.. an indian or something worker with a medium cartoon box wants to get it and its kinda crowded..but he eventually gets in..although maybe perhaps he should have waited but still he managed to get in..one local guy says soemthing like.."what is this..put the box over ur head..i" loool i know it might sond funny but i got soo angry i mean come on...!!!! isn't that just soooooo frustrating :@@@@@@@@@...!!!!!!

if ur local..or lebanese or whatever it doesnt mean ur better than others..some foreign workers work more than us with bad conditions and minimum wages so show some respect pleaase..!!!! :@@@

Would u be proud of ur self knowing Allah is watching ur actions..? would u do the exactly same attitude if u our prophet Mohammed -peace be upon him- was with u in the elvator..!!

think about it..we would change many many of our actions and attitudes if our phopher -peace be uponhim-was present..although we know Allah watches us all the times but perhaps sometimes we r ignorant or forget or to try to forget...this is a reminder for me..as well as for u..

قال الرسول الكريم-صلى الله عليه وسلم- أمام الجموع الحاشدة في حجة الوداع: "يا أيها الناس، ألا إن ربكم واحد وإن أباكم واحد، ألا لا فضل لعربي على أعجمي ولا أعجمي على عربي ولا لأحمر على أسود ولا أسود على أحمر، إلاّ بالتقوى..."

2- رواه أحمد في مسنده 5/411 عن أبي نضرة عمن سمع خطبة رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم وسط أيام التشريق. وذكره الهيثمي في المجمع (3/266) وقال: رواه أحمد ورجاله رجال الصحيح. ونقل الشيخ الألباني عن ابن تيمية في (الاقتضاء 69)، أنه قال: إسناده صحيح.

So..here is my Question..What do u think of those two situations..?do u think its out of ignorance or arrogance or what exactly? and What Would YOU do in those situations...would u just watch and keep quite..or defend the indian guy and worker or show ur anger or disapproval..?

for my self..i just kept quite cuz i don't find the levator a good place to advice people lool plus there r other people and some important conditions of good advising in my view is to:

1. Watch for the right TiminG

2,. The PlacE and PrivacY

3. The WaY of SendinG ur MessagE and AdvicinG

Last few words: I Beleive we need to read more about the prophet's Mohammed peace be upon him- actions and manners towards other people and have a better understanding of The Islamic PrincipleS AND MENTIONING THESE STORIES DOES NOT MEAN I ALWAYS TREAT PEOPLE RIGHT..BUT AT LEAST WE SHOULD WE AWARE OF IT AND TRY TO BE BETTER
اللهم اجعلنا خيرا مما يظنون واغفر لنا ما لا يعلمون وارزقنا رفعة المقام عندك يا رب العالمين في الدنيا والآخرة اللهم آمييين

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~&~ Don't MisS The Chance...! ~&~

Al Saaaaaaaaaaaaalaaaaaaam Alikooooooooooom

Guess what :D
i went to ICe-SkaTinG with MY Best Friend Bookworm YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaYyy!!!

SOooooooo coool..so refreshing..so relaxing..^__^ hey if u haven't tried it it..what r u waiting for ?..trust me..try it and u will looooove it :D

^_^ u feeel ur floating on the air..i am not very GooD at it..just for entertainment..but its cool..it was soo cold..today was my day-off since i will work on saturday next week..i am glad i did not spend my day-off sleeping and thinking about many unsolved matters in my life ^__^ YuuPpPYy..we also had launch near the beach and there was a gentle wind ^_^
One of the reasons i went is that i felt i don't see my friends so often specially bookwarm one of my first and best friends since uni ^_^الله يحفظها ويسعدها دنيا وآخرة اللهم آميين and we need to spend some time with them..just having fun..knowing them better..and another reason is skating gives me HaPpinEsS and also..i don't wanna waste too much time at home doing nuthing and my life running through my eyes and me sitting there pretending to be calm as if nuthing..!! i wannaaaaaaaaaaa use every minute..i wanna change my attitude..its time to be a different person and ensha allah i will do my best ; )

well..u know..life is too short to spend sleeping or thinking too much..i mean yes we should work hard for the آخرة to strengthen our Faith.. think about our career ..our social life..but once bookworm told me.."i don't wanna reach 70 years and look back and say: oh why i didn't do this and that.." so PeoplE..don't Miss the chance..we only live once..make it in the Best Way PoSsible ; ) and the best way that satisfies Allah ^_^

So tell me..what do u LOooooooVE and feel relaxed and ExCitEd about when u do..what is one of ur Favorite Hobbies and why?
اللهم آتنا في الدنيا حسنة وفي الاخرة حسنة وقنا عذاب النار
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