~*~ The ReaL WorlD ~*~

Salam Alikom ya 7elweeeeeeeeen

Guess WHAT? I have started my internship..yoooohoooooooo...Coool , right? :D yesterday i completed two weeks and so far it has been alright el7amde Allah with some ups and downs in the mood :D
This is what i wrote in the car the "FIRST DAY" before i enter the HospiTaL:

by the time i got home i was exhusted and had a headache and almost all family members were sitting in the majlis and some asked how it wentand i said " later..later..i will get some rest first" and I slep :D
The First Week was petty much routine work..arranging meal cards accoridng to the patient's medical condition.. standing for about 1.30 in the kitchen :D
and suprisingly not to eat but to watch people's food and whether each meal is right for that patient's condition (Diabetic, heart disease and so on...)..so at that day i told my friend Dimpliii...

"This is the time where we should forget about our own stomach and selfishness and think about all the patient`s needs and stomach" :D and we were sooooooooooo hungry on the first day and we had to watch food for about 1.30 MinutES!!!! OOpS!!
what else..? emmmmm...the people working there are pretty much cool and nice to be around el7amdu Allah and the Hospital i work in is kinda crowded which i really like ( u know..seeing and meeting new people..interacting..i can FeeEL, SmElL and TaStE LIFE..WoOoOwW )
I had my UpS and DoOWns During those two weeks but el7amde Allah I Feel i am leaning valuable Things about Healtth, Nutrition and Life and MoOst Importantly about MYSELF..
LeSsOnS Learned:
1. Be PaTient: During work, u may be tired, sad, moody but really, there is no time for that..u should dedicate those hours to your patients and people ur working with because if you want to be Loyal in what ur doing then drop the selfishneSs! at least during the working hours..i am not saying i am loyal or not selfish but i need to learn to be cuz i beleive what ever we say and do, it should be لوجه الله سبحانه وتعالى

2. Good Judgment Skills: Dealing with Patients can be interesting, smooth but also difficult in other times..some patients may lie about smoking or drinking alcohol ..in few occations i found that the girls i work with use their judgment and experience to know whether the person is lying or not
3. Do Not PostPone: Loool..i mean i am an expert in postponing but trust me..in the real world..postponign won't work..at least not where i work..the first day it think it was, i asked when is our break? and this girl said well we don't have a break..we eat in the office..we pray here..lool..i was shoOckED..!!! 0_0 :D
well..this is what i have for now..working can be really StreSsing..and hard but it is a new experience..it makes you more responsible..more worthy cuz u feel ur helping ur self and many other peopPle..insha Allah
See you PeeeeePOOooooool :D ^________^
and hey..don't laugh at my hand writting :D

توكلت على الله رب العالمين
لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله
أشهد ان لا إله إلا الله وأشهد ان محمد رسول الله
لا إله إلا أنت سبحانك إني كنت من الظالمين
اللهم صلى وسلم وبارك على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وأصحابه أجمعين ومن والاه وتبعه بإحسان إلى يوم الدين
اللهم لك الحمد ولك الشكر كما ينبغي لجلال وجهك وعظيم سلطانك


~*~"EveRy Thing HapPens For A ReaSOoN"~*~

Salam Alikom BeauTiful PeeeePOOooool :D :D
SOoo..sooo..what is going on with your life EveRyOne :D? HoOPe everything is going sMooThly and BeauTifulLy insha Allah

let me tell you something about Life:

Many times..i mean..maaaaaaany times..when we go through bad days..hard experiences..unpleasent situations..we might think for a second..WHHYyyyyyyyy.... why they treated me like that? why did I not think about brining an extra tire with me?..or why did i say that silly or hurful thing infront of her?why did i not think about that before? I beleive that TOOO MUCH WHY IS NOT A HEALTHY WAY TO Live OUR LIVES BUT IT DOES SOMETIMES HELP US FIND ANSWERS..LET ME TELL YOU HOW

"EverY Thing HapPens For A ReaSon"

And if we try to dig the reason behind the experiences we go through..to question our selves..to discover why we said or did what we said or did..why that experience happened to me not her or them..we migh grow as humans, be wiser, learn to be better and not to repeat our msitakes over and over...i am not saying we can find all the answers to our questions..but sometimes we can..so it is better to confront our selves with our mistakes and learn from it or boost our confidence and satisfaction through looking at the positiv side of the StOrY..

Here is a reaaaaaaal Story:
Once upon a time..one of my brothers and his friends were going to Oman in a cruise journey..they were soooooo exciTEDDDD and in the morning they drove their car from UAE to Oman and on the boarders..the man asked for their car record (Melkeeyah)..and my brother did not have it..so the man said u can't get in !!!!!!..imagine!!..and then they waited for more than 20 minutes for another guy and he gave them permission to go in..everything seems ok..right?

Waaaaaait...hear what happened next..!!! They drove forward and suddenly one of the men called..wait wait..ur tire is flat..hahahaha..can u imagine?..so my brother took the extra tire from the back of the car and guess what..it was flat too hehehe...some people may call it bad Luck i don't beleive in luck..it is fate..there is a reason..KeeP On ReadinG..

So..he changed the tires and they were afraid to arrive late and the cruise would leave without them..cuz they thought it starts at 9.30 but guess what..they knew later that the trip starts at 10..good, right? Soo they arrived early and the hotel man told them to eat breakfast cuz they have about 20 min and when the cruze is ready to go..they will call my brothers and his friends

So they ate yum yum yummyYyY..and no one came for them..? at 10:10 they went to the cruise site..and IT WAS GOOOOOOOOONE..LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL...THAT IS SOOOOO FRUSTRATING AND FUNNY :D :D i mean FuUunNyY now not then :D can u imagine after all this trouble and overwhelming day..the cruise is GONE? but GueSS WHAT?

soo..let me fresh ur memory..first they forgot the car card..the tire got damaged..the extra tire was flat too..they ate breakfast and the cruise was gone..THE BEAUTIFUL THING BEHIND THIS STORY IS.. they got another cruise trip ..the whoooooole cruise JUST for them....with NOo strangers..wohOooHoooo...NICEEEEe..

Every thing happens for a reason..and what began as a bad experience turned out to be WoOOWww..and soo GreaT..and hey..my brother got the chance to tell His storY and share IT with me and me share IT with u and u share IT with others HOPEFULLY and and and... : D

So the nExt time WHEN u have a bad day or what "seems" like a bad day ...put this story in ur mind..sometimes bad things turn out to be BeauTiful experiences..even if we do not "SEE" it at that moment..we might realize it later ^___^

Sometimes the problems of us "Humans" is we are Hotheaded (عجووولييييين) and we might jump into wrong conclusions which may lead to feel bad or sad for no reason..sometimes we need to just WaIT and Be PaTienT..it is a Gift..u know..being PatienT!

Oh..would you like to share some stories that u or someone u know went through and u learned something from it or it turned out to be better than you ThoughT.. ?


~&~ التوكل على الله عز وجل ~&~

..كالحلم يلامس جنبات الفؤاد ويهمس..يا لوحة أأنتي سراب يتراقص ويتأرجح؟
أم اشتدت بك الرياح وسيقان النبات في الأرض تترنح..؟عديني أن تتشبثي فالرياح ما تلبث أن تهدأ بإزن الله سبحانه
وتعالى وبعد العاصفة هدوء راااائع يعانق القلب..يتغامز.. ويربت على كتفه...فما أجمل هزا الشعووووووور ^___^
لا أدري إن كانت كلماتي تحمل معنى منطقيا ولكن الصورة الخلابة في الأسفل تعبر عن الكثير مما لا أحمله في جعبتي من كلمات لكي أعبر عن مشاعري ^___^

يقول أحد الشعراء (وجدت هازا الشعر في أحد المنتديات ولا تضحكون على حرف ال (ز) لأن الحرف دال أبو نقطة ما يكتب عندي هههههه)ه^___^

رضـيت بـما قسـم الله لــي

وفـوضت أمـري إلى خالقـي

لقد أحسن الله فيـما مضى

كـذلك يــحسن فيـما بقي

ما سد لي مطلع ضاقت ثنيته

إلا وجدت وراء الضيق متسعـا

عسى الكرب الذي أمسيت فيه

يـكـون وراءه الــفـــرج القريب

وما مسني ضر ففوضت أمره

إلى الـمـلك الجـبـار إلا تيسرا

أحببت كلمات الشاعر لأن فيها حكم جميلة وفيها إيجابية وأمل نحو مستقبل أجمل وأحلى وأحد أروع الأحاسيس التوكل على الله سبحانه وتعالى حق توكل والإيمان بأن كل ما يحدث لنا خير وأجر وثواب إن شاء الله ^___^
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