"#*"~ My Soul "#~*"

if you know about the Kuala Story..then the words below is for you ; )

Sometimes I LoOk at you..HoPing you are Looking back ..

I smile at you..hoping you can feel it too

My eyes closes to deny the fact that you are too buzy with your life..

My Heart makes excuses..but my Mind stands still..that..After all.. Our eyes and Our Heart build illusions sometimes..so, it can't be true!!

I Looked at you the other day..from far away...seconds paSsed by..i was waiting for my reflection..i was shouting within my heart..flames of hope were lightened..and here you were..

..LoOking at me...I smiled and my smile reflected back..it was you..my soul..the one I thought is hard to find.. the one i was looking for in the opposite direction..but at the end, I took a U-turn..i came back..to the direction i was ment to be
it's when you lOoked back.. that I knew..that things were going to be alright
; )