~*~ Are You Interested..In FoOd Stuff?~*~


Salam Alikom..
Today..I decided to post something different..
somehting about my Dear..sWEeT..Love: FOoooooOD :D

Because i am studying to become a nutritionist insha Allah..I thought it would be good to start practising^_^
Here some simple facts when u go shopPing

1. vegetable oil is better than animal oil..--> cuz it has no cholesterol
best sources of vegi oil --> olive, corn, soybean, canola, safflower oil..note that cocunut and palm oil have more the Unhealthy type of fat in it..-->CALLED SATURATED FATTY ACIDS-->EAT IN MODERATION

2. Be careful from this WORD: " Hydrogenated vegetable oil" OR " TRans FATS" أو زيت نباتي مهردج when u buy cookies, chocolate, margarine, or any other food..why?

Because although it says it is vegetable oil..but it is changed into a chemmically different structure and are harmful & related to a higher risk of heart diseases...u will find this is many food products..so try to loosen up on them..shway shway..

3. Note that vege oil--> is liquid & has a light or trasparent colour in room temperature
بس لا تنسو انه في أنواع زيوت نباتية مهرجة (hydrogenated vege oil
وتكون صلبة في درجة حرارة الغرفة والأفضل استبدالها بالزيت النباتي السائل

4. when u look at the food INgredients:
ex: if u have a cornflakes product--> ingredients: wheat, sugar, honey,....
note: the first ingredient is wheat..which means..the highest percentage of the product is wheat..then sugar then honey.
.يعني ممكن فرضا نقول إن هذا الكورن فليكس يحتوي على 50% قمح و 30% سكر و10% عسل وهكذا بتخف النسبة
الله يعين على هل الشرح
فمثلا إذا شفتو كورنفليكس أو بسكويت وأول محتوى مكتوب سكر يعني الله يعين على هل النظام الغذائي لأنه نسية السكر تكون عاااااالية جدااااااا
5. when u buy cookies or cornflakes..try to find this label on it
" Whol-Wheat..OR Whole-Bran..Wheat-Bran" -->قمح كامل أو نخالف القمح-->عبارة عن ألياف
& fiber is good for the digestive system & constipation
We can find fiber..from fruits & vegetables-->خاصة القشور and from whole-wheat: bread, macaroni and pasta.
* Also some fiber binds to fats in our body--> it is good for lowering Blood Cholesterol
6. Do you know the difference between "Fruit Juice" & "Fruit Drink"?..well..although they both contain artificial chemicals and colours..
"Fruit Drink" is not as good as fruit juice..because it contains mainly water and sugar..and less juice in it..
This is all for now..let me know if u want me to post more info about nutritional stuff or not..cuz some ppl may find it Boring :D..3ady ya3ni..la tjamloon..and let me know what u think and what u already knew..
If you have any quesitons about Health OR Nutrition Or any topic u want me to talk about..let me know..I will do my best insha Allah ^__^


~*~ Tell Me What You See...! ~*~

Salam Alikom Beautiful PeopPle..
Here are few images..that triggered beautiful and funny thoughts & feelings in my head & heart..I am interesting in reading ur thoughts
about these images..what do they remind u of..someone? something? or a phase in ur life? or simply write down what it means to u or relate it to our daily life..? let ur thoughts flow down the
page..surprise me with ur Weird & Lovely thoughts :D..I will write down my feelings about the images after few responses.

Image # 1:
I see someone peeking his nose into the picture :D
It’s like someone..taking the picture of the sea..and the palm is jealous and wants to force himself (assuming it’s a male) into the picture saying ..yohooooooooooo..i am here

Image # 2:

I see a troop steadily walking into life’s difficulties (ice) & trying hard not only to survive, but also to move forward.
Maybe they don’t look handsome and have no hair (leaves):D but they are not losing hope..and are sure this difficulty would come to a end insha Allaha

and remember..ice(difficulties) melt down..but you just need some Patience

a7eb atfalsaf—t7amalony :D

Image # 3:

1. I dunno why..the first thing that came to my mind..was: if u can see who is in front of u (the curve in the end of the boat), then ur probably not in the lead!!”

2. it also reminds me of directing our life, goals..aiming for what we desire..shooting for our dreams..hanging on to them..

Image # 4:

1. It reminds me that even long, loneliness journeys can have a beautiful ending..

2. It reminds me of reaching our goals.. picnic with family…my way to the university..clearing up my thoughts..HaPpiness

My Most Captivating & Expressive Image # 5:

This is my favorite for now..

Sometimes in life..when we experience the most beautiful, touching sensation (like love..longing for someone..or..enthusiasim..)..you dive into ur world..u float on a bunch of overwhelming emotions and feelings..and by now..u forget everyone & everything around u..it is just

YOU..Your feeling..and perhaps THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE..

It’s like when time stops for u..because u r living and trying to stay on that moment. To hold on to it SSsoooooo tightly, so it does not escape..and everything around u is moving..but u can’t feel it..


I don’t know if u can relate to it..i don’t have these kind of moments a lot..

But I remember few weeks back..me & my friends were sooooooo excited about this teacher..we were soooooo enthusiastic about the topic..that we started saying silly things hehe..that should not be said in front of other unknown students..because although we were saying normal girly stuff I guess bas ppl may misinterpret it :D

And I felt that at that moment..i forgot all the sourounding environment..and I just saw my friends..and that topic in my head..

This is weird.u know why? Cuz I care about what ppl say or think about me & I don’t like to be misinterpreted..but this was DIFFERENT..i forgot almost the ppl around me..

Sorry..i like to talk too much to explain my self..well..in a second thought..i am not sorry..this is my BLOG..keefy..ana 7oora :D

look at the rose..freezed & captured in that moment..and everyhting..and everyone around it..is..vaguely moving..

Last Wishper: Thank you for commenting..this was an interesting topic for me..cuz I like to dive into ppl's Mind..& I was really impreSSed by ur imaginations & thoughts..It is nice to know a piece of you..

Images from -->www.wallpapersmania.com-->Impolite pictures is not my fault -->ento Oo dameerakom--You & your Conscious : )


~*~You Teach People How To Treat You~*~

Salam Alikom LoveLy PeoPple..

Can I get ur attention for a second please..

once upon a time..there was a little girl..she was about 16 or so..lets call her " The confused girl "...
In high school..she had some friends..but few of her classmates hated or dis-liked her..
they thought..oh well..she does not smile..she is arrogant..and shayfaa 7alha 3la 2oolat el-shameyeen ..
and this poor girl..with her confidence problems and low-self steem thought..the opossite..because she thought as long as she is quite and peacful..then everyone will or probably likes her..
u know what? SHE THOUGHT WRONG..
This girl..is ME..i am not ashamed of it..u know why? cuz i am a 180 degree different person in many ways..going to university changed me more than i have ever imagined..

The point here is not only the story..But the Lesson..:

" Don't Judge people by the appearance "

I know it's hard..and i do judge ppl, positively & negetively, in many times by the first impression or their appearence which is not always right..

because when my classmates thought i was arrogant..they mistakenly switched my shyness and sense of insecurity to arrogance..they did not know me well-enough to make such a harsh judgment..but the beautiful thing about our life is that every experience teachs us to be stronger people..to learn to survive..to learn to look back and laugh about it ..specially when the perosn you are now..gives you satisfacion and Contentment to a good extend..so el7amde Allah :D

WhAt A dEpreSsing pOsT-cuz it brings memories of the school pahse in my life which I did not like very much :D bas i should love it cuz it taught me lot : )

So..Beautiful PeoPple..do you honestly judge others by the first impression or appearance..and do u think that the first impression is always true..?

By the way..I forgot to mention that in many times..these Experiences of being judged or judging other can..change us SOoooooo Beautifully.. cuz after this experience I learnt to be more out-going & social and ofcourse to smile more often :D ^___^..please.please..smiling is for free..don't deprive ur self and others from your beautiful, lovely smile :D
another thing is..not to always blame others for their impressions about you..cuz it is said
" You Teach People How To Treat you "..so if u don;t smile that much..change it..not only for ppl but most importantly for YOU..if u don't say Salam alikom or hi..or don't say it with warmth..then say it with warmth..it makes a BIG DIfference..
P.s: the images are from this website-->)www.wallpapersmania.com) cuz I feel guilty if i did not mention the source..--> Plagiarism..although..not all my images are referenced :S
Do YOU have a Story or a comment to Share..?!


~Ramadanian Memories & A Time To Change~

I miss Spending Ramadan with the whole family, since two of my brothers are studying abroad..

let me tell you some beautiful stories of Me, My Brothers & Ramadan..

Scene # 1:

Before the fajer prayer, suhoor, most of the family members would wake up to eat something..and the funny part is that we looked funny with our sheepy-like hair and puffed eyes..& I remember my brothers making fun of me..and saying that i look like a bee..hehe..and sometimes we would fight over the few left samboosas or the cold creamy cholate biscuit..Yum yumm Yumm..

Scene # 2:

Before the Magreb prayer by few mins..I would prepare my plate and put cheese & chicken samboosas before the Food-Attacking occurs...

& sometimes..the little small cheese samboosas would come to an end..and when I extend my hand to take the few last ones..my oldest brother would take the plate and put the samboosa in his mouth :D

This Ramadan..I started walking on the "Walking Machine' before the Magreb prayer by about 30 mins..just to exercise and to pass time until Magreb because those 30 mins seeem soooooooooo long..if ur doing nuthing..

Sometimes..My obsession of Food..reminds me of all the poverty in Africa and other places..and reminds me how Grateful I and we all should be for the blessing s of Allah..Elhamdu Allah

اللهم لك الحمد ولك الشكر كما ينبغي لجلال وجهك وعظيم سلطانك
لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

تفطير الصائمين: قال صلى الله عليه وسلم : «من فطر صائماً كان له مثل أجره غير أنه لا ينقص من أجر الصائم شيء-
يقول الرسول فيما يرويه عن ربه عز وجل: «يا ابن آدم، إنك ما دعوتني ورجوتني غفرتُ لك على ما كان منك ولا أبالي. يا ابن آدم، لو بلغت ذنوبُك عنان السماء ثم استغفرتني غفرتُ لك ولا أبالي. يا ابن آدم، لو أنك أتيتني بقراب الأرض خطايا ثم لقيتني لا تشرك بي شيئا لأتيتك بقرابها مغفرة

سبحانك يا الله ما أكرمك وما أوسع رحمتك..اللهم لا إله إلا أنت سبحانك إني كنت من الظالمين

This is the time to change..To open a New & a Brighter page..to become better Muslims..Better People..not only to Fast, but also to treat ourselves and others in the best way possible..
This is the time..to stop making fun of others..stop talking behind their backs..to stop lying..cheating..faking..

So I remind myself..& I remind you to beging new..to beging fresh..to be true Muslims in heart and in deed..By word & by Action..& To become more close to Allah..

Sites..where I got the Ahadeeth from:



~*~ EmbarSsing MomEnts ~*~

Al salam alikom Beautiful people..

Before praying the Magreb prayer..I remembered this embarrsing moment..^___^

One summer..me and my family were in IRAN (Sweet Iran, I miss you...) because we have relatives there..

so..one day I, my brother DoODy who is about 2 years older than me and my cousinz, females n males, we all dressed up and went to this cOOOoooool caffe..

we had yuMMy stuff ..and now it was time to go back home..

I was wearing a high heel and coming down the stairs with elegance :D..

suddenly..I slipped but i did not fall.. the problem was that only one of my legs was slipping down the stairs:D..

I lost track of everything around me..and when I stopped slippering ( is this word right..?)...

of course my cousinz were laughting at me :D..

I looked at my brother..dOoDy..and told him " why didn't you try to grap me or stop me..!!!!"

he said " I did not know what ur doing..I thought u were dancing.."..loooooooooooooooool..

I really got frustrated at him..he should have stopped me from slippering :D

I like it when I laugh at ppl not when ppl laugh at me :D

i am not really that good in telling funny stories..I hope u laughed :D

What EmbaSsing Moments do u wanna share..?!!!


~*~ ...To Be HapPY... ~*~

Hello Beautiful HaPpY PeoPple...Hope you are all doing Great insha Allah..

Guess What..?
I am sooooooooo HapPy..YuuuPppPPPy..el7amde Allah..
I am sure ur wondering why..right?
hmm..Why..? I don't really know :D...Can't a person just simply..be HappPPy for no reason..?!!

I am hapPy..cuz I am a Muslim..cuz I Exist..cuz I am a Alive..cuz I am a female..cuz I have many beautiful friends..cuz I am healthy..cuz I am welathy..as in full of passion ..love..Contentment within..not wealthy as is green dollars..yummy..

maybe i am happy cuz I do lil simple things that make my day ..like reading أذكار الصباح

which means emm..asking Allah for forgivness and happiness and all that after the morning prayer..

maybe because..I talk to plants in my way to uni..and i say salam alikom..hehe..CrazZY..aint I? come on.....Have sOOooOme fUuUn..dOOooo weird things..
maybe cuz i was talking to my self and singing in my way back to home..
all these lil things make a huge difference..Trust me..!!..Try it..!!

sometimes when i wake in the mornin and my hair looks a mess..i jus tlook at the mirror and smile and makes me feel goooooooood..sometimes i write in my diary: smile ya 7elwee--> smile beautiful girl..and reading that the next morning makes me smile..

so what craZYy things do you do to make your day and to make your self feel better..!!

I want to hear Normal & CrazZY ..wEird things..!

I reaized that sometimes shaitan trys to Deceive us by saying..oh ur tired now..don't Read quran..! and sometimes it works..but u know what?

When I do read Quran, specially with loud voice alone in my room,..and i am sure many people feel the same way..I feel sOOOooooo happy..and it gives me this energy and satisfaction..really ..what a nice ..and a beautiful feeling..el7amd eAllah 3la ne3mat al Islam.. ^___^

Your Turn...!


~..~ What's Your Name ~..~

I remember when I was in high school

( I am glad I finished school because i was not really happy and that is a long story i will mention soon:D )

so..one of my teachers called me once.. البلحة الجميلة hehe..that is so weird and funny..but I like it..but the name did not stick with me..I also did not think back then that I was beautiful
-->confidence issues :D

and..one of my Brothers used to call me sometimes "Magy", not the soup magy, magy as in american name or something..because the name was kind of close to mine :S

sometimes mom calls me Marmar..

my university friends..call me,very seldome, Mermaid..

I think in many times..our names reflect who we are or how people see us..

I also beleive that parents have a huge responsibility naming their children cuz I remember I read before a while about a girl called "A7zaan"أحزان and she said their parents called her that because she was the first child and they were expecting a boy @@@@

and The amazing thing was when she was asked whether she wanted to change her name or not, & she said:

" No, Because I want to tell my Story to everyone I meet.."

can you see the frustration..the sadness..?!!!!! everytime someone calls her "a7zaan", don't you think the brain cells might release sad chemicals..and promote sad emotions..?

so..what do you think of ur nicknames that was chosen by ur friends and family and what about your real name..do you like it?

what does ur name remind you of...?what feelings do you associate ur name with..?

Iknow I love My name ^_^ el7amde Allah..it reminds me of Beautiful & Romantic Things ..Beautiful Colors and it is kinda rare ..it makes me feel i am confident..& Special Masha Allah :D

What About You..؟


~~ ..يا قلمي..أين يختبىء الحبر.. ؟~~

...كلمات أهديها إلى قلبي

يا قلمي...كيف جفت الكلمات في حلقي..كلمات تتوق للخروح من مخبئها..تبحث عن ظل آخر يدفئها

يا قلمي..يا لحن يلامس جنبات فؤادي..لحن يداعب أحلام طفلة في غرفتها...تحارب أفكارا تحاصرها

يا قلمي..أين يختبئ الحبر..أفي جوف الصباح ينادي..أم في ظلمة البيداء يناجي رب العباد

يا قلمي..يا قلب مليئ بالشوق..امنحني القوة لأطفئ أنين الأحزان وأوقظ شعلة أفراحي

..خربشات أو كلمات كما تريدون تسميتها أهديها إلى قلبي.. لعل وعسى أن يستيقظ من سباته العميق..ويقوم بواجبه البسيط تجاه من أحبهم
فكثيرا ما تجرفنا رحلة الحياة بعيدا عن شاطىء الأصدقاء والأقرباء والأحبة..وكلمات سهلة وبسيطة "كأحبكم" قد تنسى طريقها في أعماقنا
وتتوه قبل أن تلامس قلوب أحبتنا..وقبل فوات الأوان..أما آن أن نعبر عن مشاعرنا لهم..؟
متى كانت آخر مرة عبرت فيها عن حبك لأحبتك أو أهديتهم شوقك سواء بالكلمة العطرة أو بالهدية..؟
أعتذر عن وجود أي أخطاء نحوية وذالك لضعف قدرتي على الكتابة باللغة العربية ^__^


A Letter To My Sweetest Friend..With Love

Al salam Alikom o ra7mat Allah o brakatoh People..
Hopeyou are all healthy, wealthy and HapPy Insha Allah
A Precious Letter to a SweetFriend
I love it will you pass by me ..when u save me from the darkness of the sea
I enjoy your company day & night..because it gives me stregth to fight
I want to tell you something..my friend..
your presense fills me with hope..
your presense is so white & pure..just like soap
your presense feeds my hunger..my hunger for becoming a better Muslim
I miss the way you sound..the way you smell, taste and shout
shout to awaken my lonely soul..
shout to make my heart so full..
full of faith..hope..love..and happiness
I can't wait till you come my sweetest Ramadan
To start new & fresh..
before I get trapped in the mesh
These are few words..for my friend..Ramadan..I hope I mean it..I hope I will be up to the challenge..I hope I will survive with stregth, love and more faith..
Forgive my laziness ..forgive my strange thoughts..I pray Allah will help us all be better Muslims not only in Ramadan..but in our every day life insha Allah : )
So, What have you prepared for Our Sweet Ramadan...?!
What have you prepared to feed your soul, mind and heart ?
I have Found that..the Greatest Love that you can Hold in your Heart is
The Love For Allah


*~*~* The Law Of Attraction *~*~*

Hey Strangers..

well..today..we had this new course..i am not sure yet what is the name exatly!! but the teacher or instructor who is teaching us is just GREAT..

He is enthusiastic..motivating..and just the type of teachers I had in mind ..the type that hold ur attention and makes u feel u wanna strive for more..

so here are some of the characteristics that Attract me..to any Speaker:

1. Honesty:
- well..no matter how good u r in getting ppl’s attention..fake ppl..are not welcomed and are soon exposed..so their sparkly shine soon fades..at least that’s what I think
so..try to be ur self..( assuming ur not a selfish..fake..self-centered..liar..Contradictory person :D)

2. Enthusiasm

OOOOh..Woow..this is my favorite.. I simply luuuuvvvvvv enthusiastic ppl..ppl who talk with love..with passion..ppl who move their body and hands so quickly..and they do those weird expressions with their faces..^__^ :D

So if u r one of those ppl who look and sound like mummies. who stand still..even in their most happy and exited moments ..so, sacuze me..-->Excuse me….UR NOT REALLY INTERESTING ..TO ME...!!!...

Show some enthussiasim..some passion..its FREEEEEEEEEE and it makes u and makes others feel good..ok? just try it..

FOR EXAMPLE.. when u talk about a suuuuuppppper delicious chocolate or caramel cake..
Don't say:
Yes that cake was delicious..



DID I CONVENCE U? show some excitement..true and honest excitement..and ppl will be attracted in listening to what u have to say…even if u were talking about potato chips or onion slices..!

3. Attention:

- well..who does not luuuuuuuuv attention..we all do..right? yuMmYY..

We are all here or a reason..for a purpose..and everyone of us is important and special..and trust me..when u pay attention to ppl..and show them they r important and make them feel special ( by a true complement not a false one!)..they well..love talking to u and being around u..cuz u make them feel better about themselves..and in this book that I am reading ( which I mentioned in one of my latest comments) ..there is nothing more attracting to people than letting them know how much THEY have INFLUENCED YOU..and by doing so.. u will leave a good impression about ur self as well..because u letting them know they have influenced you..interesting..right?

I can’t think of any other characteristics now.. although there r a bunch of other cool stuff..

so what do u think..?

what type of ppl hold ur attention and attract you?
what is the number one msot important thing for u in a speaker..?


~~ I am sorry... ~~

I am sorry..I haven't been the good friend lately..

i am sorry..I was selfish and Inconsiderate

I am sorry…I call when I want..I meet you when I wish..

I am sorry I never thought about your loneliness..

I am sorry..I was self-centered and blinded with my big-fake self-image

I am sorry..but please..excuse me..because I was confused..i am still confused..

Your a good friend..and I wish u the best and all the happiness

How can I ask people to build a better and more beautiful world..when I..my self I am not ready to do so..

How can I ask people to be kind..nice..loyal and friendly..and cherish al the beautiful days and nights..all the memories..when I Don’t

I don’t know why I do what I do..maybe I know..maybe I am hiding behind a shielded wall of feelings..

I hide to prevent my small heart from being crushed..from breaking apart..

Maybe I don’t know my self..maybe I delude my self..maybe I refuse to see or admit the other side of me..the side that I wish ppl can never see...

The part that I wish to Eliminate ..so I can be a better person..a better Muslim...

I am sorry…But I will try to change..I will try my best insha Allah...

I hope this post does not make u feel depressed.. so here i am trying to smile : ) come on now..show me that big..beautiful..innocent smile ^___^Yeaaahhh..that is what i am talking about :D


Can A Fish Walk... !!

HelLLo My friends..once again

so here i am..at 4.32 PM..Feeling all EneRgiZed & hapPYY..(say masha Allah) !! maybe cuz tomorrow we are starting university..yUUuuPPPPYyyy..finally!!

I miss my friends..the uni...writting reports and assignments..just walking around and seeing strangers..!

I hOpe i can continue all the semester with this enthusiasim..insha Allah...

I realized that amonsgt the things that make me HaPpY..is meeting new ppl..from different cultures and religions..just communicating with them..gives me satisfaction..

I love it when i am in a car..sitting there..day-dreaming..looking at the clouds..shaped as a fish or a cotton candy..

I love it when i lay down on my bed..on those quite nights..thinking about my self..after 2, 3 or 5 years..where do i find my self? the thought of it makes me smile..

So..where do u find ur self after 5 years..? Does it feel good being u..being there?..
who do u imagine ur self with?
what r u doing?
how do u look like?
what voices..what images do u see?
what can u do now..today.. to make that imagine in ur head even sweeter than honey?

maybe oneday..i will share my vision..but its not today..^__^

Anthony robins, a motivator public speker and writer says in his book "Giant Steps":

1. If u keep focusing on what u fear the most, then that is exactly were u are going to end up"

simply..focus on what makes u happy..what u desire..so think of ur self after 5 years..as a happy..successful person..as one of the best teachers in the countrey..one of the best real-state person..but be realistic..fish can't walk u know?..its funny thinking of a walking fish :D