~*~ QuesTions To Think About..! ~*~

So..here are some QuesTions for you to Think about and Share if You Want...

1) What Would You Like To be Given As A PresenT..that would make u ExTreeeeeemly HapPy..?!!
2) What is one of the most Difficult Experiences you have ever went through..?

3) What is your Wildest Dream? (e.g lets say Bungee JumPp or skydiving..or having 10 kids :D..things like that..)

4) Describe ur self in 3 WoOrDs..?
5) What is The silliest thing u ever did?
6) One Question that You are still looking for its answer..?

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الحمد الله وسبحان الله والله أكبر وأشهد أن لا إله إلا الله و أشهد أن محمد رسول الله ولاحول ولاقوة إلا بالله


~*~ I DON'T Like IT When... ~*~

Hey PePoool..
HopE all of YoU are DoinG GreaT Ensha Allah

oky..lets BeGiN:

I DON'T like IT When...:

1) When People Spit in the streets
2) When People don't reply the Salam

3) When You smile, and they Don't Smile Back and look at you in a weird way :D

4) When People don't say that they Love or care about you or how beautiful u look or different because they ASSUME U KNOW..!!! Don't Assum..just say it..

5) When People Lie..Cheat..Or BackBite..
6) How animals in the ZOo are suffering alone..in a small silly..boring..cage...

7) When People are TOo Serious or Laugh all the time..!!
8) When people say they care about you but u don't see them or hear from them for several months..!!

9) When People call u or msg you only when they need some favOor
10) When People Shout or raise their voice

11) When People Make fun of others..including saying ethnics JoOkeSs
12) When PeOple say proudly about something wrong or bad they did..!!!

13) When People use bad language like....well if i said it..i wouldn't be much different..! :D
even the words that are used regularly..i hate when people use it..or animal names..HAAAAAAATe it...it only shows our lack of manners and Elegance

14) When people Don't show their Emotions or Excitment just to lOok Formal or Prestigious..well sometimes we should consider the environment..the situation..the culture..but all the time...COome ON....!!

15) When people act as if your not in the RoOom..or IgnOore You..
16) When People Don't Say..Thank You or Please or Apologize when NecesSary
17) People who are Very Pessimistic or Whine Alot..
What About YoU...?!!!
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~*~ Silence Can Kill...!!!~*~

مجزرة إسرائيلية في غزة‏: أكثرمن200‏ شهيدا و‏700‏ مصاب فلسطينيين في قصف إسرائيلي

Sometimes..Silence Can KIll Harder than Words and Actions
Keeping Silent..saying nuthing to Dady Israel..LoOking the other way like nuthing HapPened..Our Silence and the Silence of our LeaDerS is Killing innocent peoPle..keeping silent means they don't care..means they don't condemn Israel for their Barbarian Attacks..means kill them but Keep Us safe..
it's easy to pretend things are oK..that nuthing has happened..it's easy to keep Silent..
but i wonder where some Muslim and Arab Leaders are..sleeping perhaps..? or Glued to their Golden chair..?
Some Countries are Even afraid to Condemn what happened by Words..?
When i heard about what happened in Palestine..i felt like..well.. it's old news..it always happens..but when i saw it on T.V..i felt that from time to time..
we need to see it..to remember..to Awaken our souls that has been sleeping since a long time..
sometimes i wonder whether there are things that we can do to help..to change the situaiton even a little bit..are there..?!
i remmeber when the "Stop buying american Stuff and so and so stuff" began and we started not buying pePsi and all..but then it Faded away..we forgot about it..why..?was it a good way..?should we continue?
SOooo many answers..What should we do to help..?
Where are the Leaders to Guide uS..?
Sometimes we need to see those images..to see BlOod..to see dead bodies..to remember the bleSsing of being safe el7amdu Allah..to remember our brothers and sisters..to remember to be Humans and True Muslims Again..


~*~ I Like It When...! ~*~

To someone in Family..

A present bag from dad when I was a child..don't have it any more..

Sometimes I wonder and say...what if the Salient thoughts in our head were Heard?...

imagine ur talking with a friend..or a stranger..and suddenly u think saliently.." She looks like a CloOwn with that make Up..!!" or "I just can't stand his attitude..!!" or maybe even some thing good but u don't want that person to hear like.. "I think he likes me..!" OR "why is this woman sooo lOOking at me..i am sure she wants me for her son :D..!" what if those secret words were heard..this secret world..this secret Door was OpeneD to the public with no control..?

ScaaaRrRyy...!Thank God ..people can't Hear my SecrEt woOrdS and Read My MinD..Whether GOod or BaD :D
Other times..i wish some pEople can Read my mind..without Talking..it would be much easier..

I Like It When... :

!) When People make Du2aa for you and let u know they did

!) When people dream of you

!) When they remmeber the things u love the most

!) When they miss you..and tell u and want to HanG out with you
!) When they surprise you with a present..a rose..a note.. a letter ...a simple gesture of their care..appreciation

!) When Babies like you and smile at yoU...

!) When you are around people..talking..laughinG.. and u forget ur sadneSs..ProblemSs

!) When you make someone HapPy

!)When you know you made a PoSiTiVe Difference in SOome One's Life or people say..they Learned something from you..or u have ChangeD their lives..

!) When PeoplE say They LoOve YoU

!) When your parents are proud of you

!) When you meet a new..nice person..FrienD
!) When you Read Quran and You Enjoy it..feel the wOords..the meanings..

!) When it Rains

!) When you Eat Chocolate..Yum yum yuMMYyyy ^_____^

!) When ur with YouR FamilY

!) When u see or talk to someone u haven't seen from along time ago..
!) When ur going out of ur HoOme and ur parents make du2aa infront of you.
!) When very small Babies do like this with their lips :( and want to cry looool..sooo cuuuute..!!
!) When I see ChubbY Baby cheeks & StretcH it :D
!) When people put garbage in the Dustbin not on the floor
!)When people tell you ur mistakes or something because they really care and want you to become better..
!) When you give Charity
!) When you sleep and u know you don't have any debT..or u haven't hurt any one..or lied..or skipPed one of the prayers..or did something wrong..u sleep with a Restfull HearT & MinD
RandOom Thought I wished To share : )

What about you..
You like It When....?What?
لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله : )


~*~ Don't Shake My Hand...!!! ~*~

Our universiti's Library..and I KNOWWW..ITS A bEAUTIFUL VIEW :D
Hey PeeeeePOOOoool

so..a while ago, before the Eid.i was in the hospital working...in one of the sections..suddenly i saw a women in our family with a man which later i got to know it was her brother..maybe 45..or 50 years..any ways..so i said Salam and shaked her hand and then said hi to him..and he brought his hand forward to shake mine..!!!!!

i was soo embarSsed..i hold my hand close to me..and said.." oh..umm..emm...i...i ..." loooooool..i did not know how to say it..then his sister said..she does not shake hands ..loool..i mean..shouldn't he be aware of that..?

i told mom..she said oh yeah..he came from America..lool..is that realisitic? i mean yes living in foreign countries can have negative influence..but he is a muslim..and knows the rules..sooo..why exactly did he do that..?
i would like to add that ..living in another country does not necessarly mean forgeTting ur self, ur principles...some people stand Still and stronG in foreign countries..so it really depends on ur personality..ur strength of Faith..ur determination to be a better muslims..whether ur strong enough to fight the negative influence or ur Vulnerable..or whether u were already weak or not Convinced of some of the islamic or cultural principles...

What would u do in such situation..would u shake his hand OuT of embarSsement OR say sorry.. OR what?
any ways..

i dunno if i said this story before here or not..

once Upon a time..one of my infleuntial Iraqi teachers at uni Tested me..

i was in the class with another girl.he came in and said Hiii..i said how r u..he replied Good..or so did i hear..so i said good..(like good to hear that)

after the class began..and the girls were seated..he suddenly said...something like..i tested SprinG Today..she asked me how i was..and I (he) replied not good..and i said good..loooooooool i got soooooooo embarSsed..he taught me a leSson by his test..TO pay more attention next time..to be a better listener..to care more rather than just ask for no purpose..

they say..Allah has given us two ears and one mouth..to listen more than we talk ; )

sometimes..hard or embaRsSng stituations can Teach us aLOOooooT more than Pampered moments or treatment..it will stick to our mind..and maybe..one day we will laugh about it..and learn from it..

have u ever been embarSsed or TesteD?..
i think sometimes testing peoPle properly..show u who they really are..if they realy care or not..if they r nice or not..if they r defensive..weak..strong..confident or not..if they r patient..sensitive..Insistent or Determined enough or not..
also i do not aprove on embarSsing someone badly..it depends..sometims it can have reverse effect..

i miss the university life..my friends..our laughs ^__^ Those were Nice Dreamy DaYys..full of streSs..and FunNy MOoments..
A letter written Du2aa on..i wrote and send with one of my brothers with him to Omra عمرة a while ago ^____^
EnjOoOyY... ; )
سبحانك ربي لك الحمد كما ينبغي لجلال وجهك وعظيم سلطانك
اللهم صلى وسلم وبارك على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين ومن والاه وتبعه بإحسان إلى يوم الدين
اللهم إنك عفو تحب العفو فاعفو عنا ^____^ اللهم آمييييين


~*~ ScaRy & Weird Dreams...!!!~*~


LooooooK..something scary HapPened to me not last night..the ngiht before it..i watched something about ghosts and stuff then i slept...

I suddenly woke uP before the fajer prayer maybe by 30 minutes or so..i had my planket on..and suddenly ..and pelase don't laugh :@..i felt some one is pulling my hair not tightly just alil bit and removing the right side of my planket from me..i gooooooot soooooooooooo sCAAAAAAAArEd...SOOOOOOOOo frightening : ( looool..really ..it was soooooo reaaaal that i am not sure wehther it was a dream or real...!!!!

Next time i shouldn't watch Scary things :@@@

okay..let me tell u a dream i once had..

i was once.. really (no in a dream)..in makkah for عمرة with my brother, his wife and children and mother and the day before we get to UAE..i dreamt that i was engaged to a guy who i dunno who..was not very handsome in the dream..Lil bit short for a guy.. .i think also with curly hair looooool..i seemeD unHapPy and was telling mom..that "He did not even call once since we got engaged..!!!" and i sounded sad...i also think cuz i forgot that in the dream his mom got angry or upsEt or did something wrong..dont remmeber

anyways..when we got back to UAE after few days..a lady calls i think it was his aunt and is looking for a girl..it was not a very formal proposal just talk..nothing serious yet..but anyways when mom asked about him..Allah a3lam but they said very close things about him just like in my dream!! like he was lil short not very handsome..and not very social.. and that he is momy's boy lool..and she is in control..any ways once i heard that i got SCared loooooool..i said i dooooooon't want ..i did not even pray estekhara..maybe it was wrong to judge him by a dream but i really felt it was a sign..and anyways..i did not feel encouraged..and maybe the guy is better than me or deserves better i don't mean he is not good..but i did not feel comfortable..and i don't always relay on dreams..maybe if i heard very great things about the guy..i would have changed my mind..dunno
i just wanna add that i am not saying that looks are the number one criteria that I or anyone of us should base their choice on..but its part of it..and for me it was more about the dream..the sign.and the information i got about the guy that was not very appealing..but soemtimes we should be more realistic and investigate first then Make A DeCision..

and once there was another proposal...and i dream there were two big white beautiful Full Moons in the sky..it was night..and suddenly in the dream i realized one moon is a baloon not a real mooon..and then the proposal thing did not work out..el7amdu Allah for everything :D maybe it was a sign..?! dunno..it's weird how soemtimes we dream somehting and it becomes real or it might be a sign..other times its just dreams or thoughts floating in the air..u know..?!
okay..so my question to you is..What do u think are the some 3-4 important criteriaSs for choosing a partner..? and put them in order..what are the most important things for u..
some may say..religion..aklagh then looks..
or religion..personality..family status..
so tell me..? and after answering this..

what are the number 3 things that u WANT and Wish to be in ur partner's personality..?!!! like sense of humor..or seriousness..or cold-tempered person..or knowledge..or being romantic..or wise..or coool....so on..
اللهم لا إله إلا أنت سبحانك إني كنت من الظالمين

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~*~ TelepathY...!!! ~*~

A while ago, i went to "Dubai Mall" with mom..in the morning..we went to see the Aquarium and the BeauTiful Sea World..if ur living in the UAE..it is a MUST to see..trust me..it's soo amazing..so Beautiful..sub7an Allah...it's worth seeing..i jsut felt like standing there for hours looking at the fish...

there is two type..one u pay less..the other one u gotta pay 50 dirhams for each person ..my advice is..the 50 dirham one is much worth it..cuz u go to the second floor and see more fish and weird creatures ^__^

so..while we were in the car back to home..we were quite..i was thinking in my head about something a girl in my family said couple of days ago..i was thinking should i talk about it or let it go...maybe its better not to.so we don't make غيبة lool..so this is all in my mind..suddenly my mom said..about what the girls said the other day..!!! i told her..I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT IT..!!

i think its weird how soemtimes people think alike at the same time..moment..or when two people call each other at the same time or were thinking of each other at the same time..

it's nice..isn't it? it makes u feel u both r similar..or have a telepathy :D

it doesn't HapPen to me so often..but its weird..

tell me..have this ever happened to u or anyone u know..what happened? how did u feel?


~*~ DreamSs ~*~

Al Salam Alikom

HoPe EveRyOne is DoinG GOod Ensha Allah..

Have you ever had a DreaM while SleePping that came TRUE..? Does it HaPpen so often..?? any specific one u wanna share?


~*~ Feeling Like Egg & BalaleeeT..! ~*~

YuMMYyyyyyy...Egg and Balaleeeeeet..one of my Favorite BreakfastS..yum yum..by the way.i COoked the egg lool..that is an accomplishment ! :D

Salam alikom My COoool BlogGers ^__^

let me Tell u a secret
Yesterday i felt like Egg and Balaleeet..salty and sweet..i had MiXed EmotionS and feelings..do u see how the balaleet is curled..miXed up..Up and Down..COonfuSseD..!! My Brain Wires and Heart Arteries Felt like that..

This week they have put me on the Afternon shift from 11 am till 7.30 Pm ..and from 3.30 onwards ..all the other nutritionist/Dietitians in the office leave home and i stay alone wroking in the office in the hospital..in the 13 th floor where there is little people....it was DEpReSsssssssssssing ..i wanted someone to talk to....really i felt depREssed loool..and i started thniking negatively..then i said its better to make du2`a..any ways..then suddenly my mom called..hi..what r u doing..she made me SOoooo HapPy.. ^__^ i know u probably don't how how it feels until u try it..trust me..!! but actually i juSt remmebered..at the end of the day..i felt i accomplished something..learned something..i will write about that later..i felt hapPy ..also..the supervisor of the kitchen gave me Zamzam Water ..^__^ SOoo Coool..elhamdu Allah

any ways..i noticed in many situations in my life..i need few days/weeks to get used to soemthing..like when i first started working i felt the same..when i have a big project..i feel the same..when something NeW happens in my life and i have to adapt..i feel sad..or depressed or weird..maybe its fear..maybe its a matter of getting used to this new environment..maybe its missing the old situaiton..its a combination of many feelings and thoughtS..

OkaaY....so i have a request..so when i have free time nowadays after the Tiring Work..i check my blog soemtimes in the office...so write me anything funny starting form today till thursday ...anything encouraging lool..any stories..any thing u want to share..say..even if its a loooooooooooong comment..just write anything..entertain me..about u..about me..about ur friends..about life..about what u have learned from ur experiences..about ur dreams..about islamic stories..weird things..du2'a..anything : )

Okay..?؟! I will AppreciaTeeeeeee ur help ^_______^

اللهم لا سهل إلا ما جعلته سهلا وأنت تجعل الحزن إذا شئتا سهلا : )


~*~ The Haram Police...!!! ~*~

This Is SprinG BlenD..Reminding Us..Just in case We Forgot... ; )

Hey..Glad u liked his video everyone..hope everyone benefits from his videos and be influenced positively no matter how small..cuz it may make a huge difference some day... : )

Here is his YouTube Url


Did u know he has converted to Islam? so he wasn't born Muslim..Masha Allah

there is another Video..Culture VS Islam..Love it..!! u gotta see it..

Hey..this also applies to us when practicing Islam in front of our NephewS and NieceS..friends..other non-muslims people..

~*~Marriage and Baba Ali !!! ~*~

So here is Baba Ali.. from youtube..i have been watching his videos before and stoppEd for a while..i just rememebered him today..

i like his reminders..his way of conveying his messages in a simple funny way..its nice that he has all this Excitment And EnerGy..but soemtimes he gets too ExCciTeD..!!!! :D

Maybe i will post some of his other videos soon..i just saw this one and thought why not..?..Enjoy : )


~*~ FrustraTinG CaricatureSs !! ~*~

A Caricature from Gulf Newspaper nov 22,2008 by:Dwynn Ronald V Trazo

i am not a very political person..but i like to know the news from time to time , mostly from dad, so that i don't feel i am ignorant !!

it's frustrating how little we care sometimes about all what is hapPening to the Islamic countries..how little some of us pray..how little we think seriously about them..i am talking about some people..NOT ALL..

its fustrating how much rich countries are spending on fancy buildings..hotels..landmarks.. ..that r mostly suitable for foreingners ..!!and..milliOons of dolalrs spend on FIREWORKs.. for what..?!! few seconds of pleasure?!! ignoring the fact that millions of poor people r dying from hunger in africa and other palces!!

it's frustrating the laws we have in the UAE are not strong enough to preserve the principles of islam and the UAE's Traditions..in terms of how foreings wear..and how they behave in Public places..

if anyone knows any new laws about this..please let me know..i know in Sharjah..there are some laws in terms of what people can wear..or approperiate behaviors..but in other cities ..not sure..

I do admit that the UAE has given us Many Opportunities to do Great things as locals..to be safe..to feel secure..happy..educated elhamdu Allah..but i think law makers should pay more attention to those small things that will slowly destroy our identity..

don't u think we are slowly becoming Submitted and OKAY with the everyday Scenes of inapproperiate clothes!!.. aren't our children being exposed to it and getting used to it..? i think the fact that we r getting used to it is dangerous..cuz it is then that we lose any sense of responsibility and craving for changing the situation..

isn't it sad that many places..entertainment places are build for open-minded people!!..swimming pools..skating places..not all, but i mean most..i mean we girls can't go and enjoy it alone without men being around!!

i heard, not sure, that in Singapore, owning a T.V Dish is not legal..perhaps because they do not want their children and people being expoSed to Exotic IdeAS?

well ..i am not agreeing 100% with this or diagreeing but..don;t u think the thign s our children watchc on T.v is sCary?..yes..parents and fmaily members should watch the kids and allow or not allow certain things..but..u can't watch them 100% of the time..! and when i see my nephew HamOooDy..watching some of the MBC 3 cartoons..i get frustrated..a cartoon about 3 girls wearing tight and putting make uP..is that what we want our kids to watch?.. a cartoon that is about anger..fight..or even inapproperiate clothes..!!No CoMmenT..!!!


~*~ Small Things Make A Big DifferencE...! ~*~

I MiSs going to the beach..just walking..listening to the sounds of the WaveSs..Have u ever tried to lay down on the cold sand in the night..looking at the stars..thinking or perhaps talking with a good friend..?

i did..and Trust me it feeels GOOOOOOOOOD.. ^_^

u gotta try it..its Relieving..relAxing..makes u feel everything is alright..

Sometimes..we gotta leave everything behind uS for a second..relax..and EnjoY the nature..that moment..just to forget about our problems..beleive me..even for few minutes..

TODAY WE WENT TO MY AUNT'S HOUSE..SO MY UNCLE CALLED me..WHERE R U? HE SAID: " I can't wait to see you..." isn't that cute..?! lool..i mean u don't hear men saying that alot..i gueSs he is romantic at HearT :P any ways..he made Me HapPpPYyy..see how we girls can be hapPy by Simple True WOordS ^_^..so don't ever hesistate to tell ur family n friends how much they mean to u..n how much u LOovE Them ..actually its silly i am advising u this cuz i find it eXtreeeeeemly hard to expResS my feelings face to face even to my parents n friends..hmmmm..any ways..i should try ..but i mean even by writting a small note..a gift..a smile..a touch..a msg..there r many ways..be CreaTive..

Small Things Make A Big DiffeRenCe..!
so..why don't we always say what's on our mind? why don't we Freely ExpreSs our feelings to our family and friends and our loved ones? is it the way we were raised? to hold on to our emotions? not to show them, specially for guys? it is hard? is it easier in some cultures to show emotions? is it fear of rejection? i dunno..for me..its not being used to it..being a girl among 3 older brothers..i am not that used to expreSsing my feelings..and talk about crying!!! they made fun of me when i was little and cried when watching a movie..so now i haaaaaaaaaaaate crying infront of people..i haaaaaaate funerals and i don't know how to act when people cry infront of me..!! i feel weak..
in terms of positive feelings..like oh i missed u or i care about u..i gueSs i am shy or get embarSsed..but when i am not around my fmaily i find it easier..cuz i can be who i am without being made fun of by my brothers :D

so is it easy for you to exPreSs ur Feelings..and why?

^_^ yalla..see you..

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~*~ ConFuSeD...?!! ~*~


When many people around u tell u something is wrong..do not take that road..u will regret..but u feel u want to give it a try..u feel somehow things will be alright and it's the road u wanna take..altho there r many risks..some confusion..some hesitation..

is there any chance that everyone is wrong..and that ur Intuition is right and it might turn OuT GooD?

or the fact that ur hesitating means its wrong..? what if it's not wrong...its just normal fear..how can u tell?!!

Have u ever been in this situation..what did you do? What HapPeneD? and ofcourse here i mean a long-life commitment.. a decision that can chane ur whole life..not chosing between red or black shoes :P
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لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له، له الملك وله الحمد، يحي ويميت وهو على كل شيء قدير

~*~ TaGGeD...!! ~*~


My close friend BOoK Worm have Tagged me to write about one of the bloggers....well the first name that came to my mind was you BoOky but since u wrote about me i will change :D

i choose LionEss..my internet friend ; )

hmmmmmm...I feel LionEss is a giver..someon who wants to make EveryOne HapPy even if she is sad...i respect her honestly..i respect the fact that she admits she gets weak soemtimes and she is not always perfect or strong like others pretend :P

i see the innocence of children in ur comments..she is soemone you would have fun being around..someone who appreciates the things other people do..a nice sense of humor...and i like the fact that u see ur mistakes and u wanna be better and better specially in the religious aspect masha Allah..

heeeeeeey LionEss i know soemtimes life is difficult and u can't smile..but i love it when ur HapPy cuz I can feel ur EnerGy and u spread HapPinEss to me ..so KeeP HaPpy and Smile ; )

mmmmmm..now i should tagg 5 other bloggers? :( who should i choose?

I choose: LionEss, Karmel, Miracle, Kath (BooK worm's friend) and...mmmmmmm i dunno..i will break the rule..and only chose 4

Have Fun girls ; )


~&~ SinGaPOoooooooRaaaaa ~&~

Here is a View around Sentosa in SingaPore

Al Salam Alikom

I am BAAACK from Singapoooooooooore ^_^

emmmmm...SOoo many thingS to say..dunno where to start..i liked it..it was nice..very greenish..very clean..Besautiful Big Trees and nature.. and very crowded where we stayed..but the wehther was very humid..which made it feel hot..although it rained on monday but still hot..mmmmmm what else..the most Interesting place we went to was SenToSaa...we played cars or sliders there lool..i wish i could post the pic :D we look funny..

and we used the telefrik..it was sooooooooooo sCAry loool..if u could see our faces..even my brothers were scared cuz it was kinda high and not covered..nice experience tho : )

oooooh...guess what..we saw a doliphine show out there too...SOooo cool..really..three cute grey pinkish dolphines waving their hands...jumPing Up and doWn...soo Friendly..I Love Dolphines ^___^cute..sub7an Allah..

then we saw a singing Bird..loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool..it was singing very BeauTifully and in a fUnNy way..i recorded it by my mobile phone but its not that clear...the bird was singing something like

"Singapoooooooooooooraaaa..singapOOOooooooora.."something" flowers for you and me..i can't remmeber..and it sang the singapoooooooora part like opera loool :D sooo funNY and the guy said the bird i can't remember what they calle this type of bird!!..has the mind of a 3 years old kid..!!

I was sad today tho..cuz when ur traveling..ur in a dream Luxurious world..and now we r back to reality : ( but heeeeeeeey el7amdu Allah for everything..we had Fun ^________^

when ur in a foreign country..u really can't feel Eid..maybe unless if ur living there for a long time..still not the same..but it was a different experience..a weird one .. we ate launch on Eid with my family and my Couzin's Son who is studying there.. then we went walking under the rain to the flower park..i liked it..it was BeauTiful..but we didn't see all of it....cuz it was raining and my brothers wanted to leave..we got wet..but i love walking under the rain..hmmmm..ooooooooooh did i mentioned that the whole family went to something called:

" Fish Massage"

looooool..seriously..i didn't go..altho i would like to try one day :D but its fish i think from Turkey..small ones and u put ur feet into a small pool and the fish eat the dead skin of ur feet loooool..it tickles, my brother says..Creative ..isn`t it ; )? even Hamoody and My other nephew tried it :D..u should try it !

okaaaay..so over all ..its a nice place ..at the begining i felt the people were not that friendly..but it really depends..cuz some were very smiley and friendly..so i can't generelize..u can also see women wearing scarf but the majority are non-Muslims...the thing that bothered me the most is that maaaaaaany of women there wear very short clothes..maaaaany of them..

so maybe we should walk with closed eyes :D hehe..anyways..u can also find indians..mosques..centers..ZoO..Science Centre which was preTtY cool..Bird park..oooooooh and penguinS...i looooooove them soooooo much..so 3-5 days are preTty much enough to see the important places..not more than one week for sure..unless u go to some islands near Singapore..

hey check this out..look at the middle Butterfly..it has one wing from the female and the other (left)wing looks like the male's wing..Amazing...Sub7an allah ^_^

الله ما أمسى بي من نعمة أو بأحد من خلقك فمنك وحدك لا شريك لك فلك الحمد ولك الشكر


~*~ TravellinG..~*~

Al Salaaaaaaaaaaam Alikom PepOOoooooole

I am Tavelling Tomorrow...i will be back on Tuesday Ensha allah..Have a Lovely and a BeauTifuL Eid EveryOne...

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~*~ فضل أيّام عشر ذي الحجة ~*~

عن ابن عباس رضي الله عنهما قال: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: «ما العمل في أيّام أفضل في هذه العشرة، قالوا: ولا الجهاد، قال: ولا الجهاد إلاّ رجل خرج يخاطر بنفسه وماله فلم يرجع بشئ». رواه البخاري

This includes Praying, Fasting, Giving Charity ...and other Islamic deedS

عن ابن عمر رضي الله عنهما قال: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: «مامن أيّام أعظم عند الله سبحانه ولا أحب إليه العمل فيهن من هذه الأيام العشر، فأكثروا فيهن من التهليل والتكبير والتحميد». [رواه الطبراني في المعجم الكبير].

قال الرسول-صلى الله عليه وسلم- عن صوم يوم عرفة: «أحتسب على الله أن يكفر السنة التي قبله والسنة التي بعده». [رواه مسلم

لبيك اللهم لبيك .. لبيك لا شريك لك لبيك
إن الحمد والنعمة لك / والملك لا شريك لك

- ((الله أكبر، الله أكبر، الله أكبر، لا إله إلاّ الله، والله أكبر، الله أكبر، ولله الحمد)).

الله أكبر، الحمد الله، سبحان الله ولا إله إلا الله ولا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله

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