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When I started training at my hospital..I and some of my friends realized how much we miss being students..

We were tired working and wanted to go back to the university

طبعا مش حبا في الدراسة مع إنه الدراسة لها حلاوتها أحيانا بس حبا في جمعة البنات والسوالف والمناقشات والمزح والتذكير والتنبيه والقصص والدعم المعنوي

and i was thinking about the reason why we all missed uni and i found out that we all go through problems and difficulties in our life..ofcourse..not all of our problems are serious..elhamdu Allah..we are in beautiful blessings but still we have our own problems...sometimes it i hard..sometimes it is a piece of cake

Any ways..so i realized we all, i guess, see university as our carrier..as the sponge that absorbs all the difficulties..we talk..we laugh..we tease each other and we forget or TRY to forget our problems...

I feel we are like a sponge that holds soooooo much water and is near to explode and we come to our university and shrink loooool :D we remove the water..we remove the StrESsssss..the pain..

We energize ourselves to change our MoOOoD, to give us stregnth to continue life and handle our problems and in other times, we go to uni to run away from our problems, we indulge in the laughing and fun StuFff and we forget about the problems for few hours..

I will graduate this year and honestly..I can't imagine my life without uni life..without my 5 special friends..things will be different..i know it..but this is life..right?

Anyways..i have been talking to some people and these are the advices I have Heard about Marriage Life..EnjOoy ; )

1. Don't Spoil Your partner..in other words..do things moderatly..with balance..do not Exaggerate at the beginning with ur care and attention and then after years of marriage and few kids..u do not have time to do the same things u used to do...this way u will make ur partner feel neglected or senses a change in ur attitude..u know..and besides..if you overdo somethings..for example..if u tell people how much u care about them every day..it is nice but it mght lose its meaning or Special Effect over time..but if u say it when u really feal it and in special occasions..it will have a Glamorous effect..so be WisSE..and BALANCccccccED

2. Don't Expect TOO much from your partner..well..i guess this goes for all the people we are dealing with right..?even friends... like if ur partner is not romantic or not a very helping person..u can start with ur self..u say nice words..u help him/her.... and whenever u do or say something..try to bring it out from YOUR HEART..try to MEAN IT and be loyal about it..and do not expect a thank you or appreciation..ofcourse i am not saying it is easy but i found out that men, i mean the ones that i know, do appreciate their wives deeds but not necessarly talk about it infront of them..sad but true :D and sometimes we have to take the first step and we hope that our actions and words will touch and influence the other person to do the same over time...

As I said..what i mentioned can be applied even in ur relationships with ur friends..i am not saying these are good advices but things to condsider..let me know what u think..do you think those are good advices..or bad ones? why..? Do u have any other advices?

أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له وأشهد أن محمد عبده ورسوله

نسيت أقول شي ثاني
اللهم اجعلني خيرا مما يظنون واغفر لي ما لا يعلمون
طبعا في شي يزعجبني جدا للأسف ألا وهو لما الناس يكبروني في عيونهم بالعدسة المكبرة وتيليسكوبهم الخاص ويعطوني أكثر من حقي وقيمتي وحجمي
أقول للأسف لأن بهل الطريقة لما أغلط أو أحاسب نفسي أحس بتأنيب الضمير وإن صورتي غير حقيقية للناس..أحس نوعا ما
بازدواجية في المعايير ووكأني أخدع الناس بصورتي مع إنهم هم الي رسمو هل الصورة بس يمكن كلامي خلاهم يرسمون صورة غلط؟
هل الكلام مش معناته إني ما أشوف نفسي ذو قيمة أو ناجحة أو وأو لكن أتمنى أكون أحسن من ظن الناس فيني وهذا شي بيني وبين رب العالمين

I wish people would not value me more than i deserve cuz i do not want to get a big head :D and be proud..cuz when people think they are on top..they might lose the enthusiasim to being a better person ..a better Muslim..i want them to see me as i am..simply me..to encourgae me if i do good deeds..to inform me when i do wrong deeds or when i take wrong turns..cuz ensha Allah when they inform me..i can take the next "U-Turn" and correct my deed with the help of Allah : )

اللهم ارزقني رضاك ورضا الوالدين في طاعتك والفردوس الأعلى من الجنة
اللهم ارزقني الحكمة وفقهني في الدين وزدنا علما واجعل في قلبي نورا وبصرينورا وفي عقلي نورا وزردني إيمانا وارزقني حبك وحب من يحبك وحب عملا يقربنا إلى حبك يا ذا الجلال والإكرام اللهم آمييين ^___^
اللهم ارزقني حسن الخاتمة واغفر لي خطاياي وتب على إنت أنت التواب الرحيم اللهم آمييييييييييين


Old Days..Old People...

Salam Alikom Pepoooooooooool :D

WoooooOWwW..finalyl..after aloooong time..i noticed many people have asked me to come back and write :/ ofcourse i am kidding :D..so soooooo...what to say..sooooo many things ..as u know..i am working in a govermental hospital as my internship/training..for my last year bachelor degree..it has been good el7amde Allah..i feel i have learned alot about my major and LIFE

oh..guess whaaaaaaaaaaat?

when i was a little girl one day ( around 13-16) years old..i don't remember well..i used to go to school by bus and we had this teacher who was our bus's supervisor and watched over us..she was soooooo nice to me and she had a very friendly and smiley face..masha Allah..but because at that time i was a shy girl..i did not talk to her as much and nowdays when i grew up..i thought about her every now and then..

so GUESSSSSSSsss WHAAAAAAAAT?..i saaaaaaaaaaaaw her in the hospital..WoOOoohOOOoooooo...i can`t beleive it..sub7an Allah... let me tell u how it started

my friend "M" insisted" that i go to the coffee shop with them..i told her..noo i have already eaten..she said come come ..soo..i went and i suddenly saw her...she looked almost the same with her daughter..i looked at her..so did she and without long hesitation..i went to her and salamt and she kissed me..i told her do u know who i am? she looked confused..i said i am ........... from ........school in the bus..she said where was ur home located then? i said ..............then her daughter and the teacher remembered..oh..yeah.how are you and so on..

i told her " you once told me that u have dreamt about me" ...and then before she leave i told her what i should have said soo many years ago..

i told her " i remember you because you were such a good (طيبة) person to me" and then she huged me ^______________________^ YaaaaaaaaaayYYY..sooooo coooooooooooool..i had the chance to tell her that she is remembered..it was soo lovely to see her..el7amde Allah

and then..yesterday i saw my math teacher..she was also a very good and nice teacher...she remembered me right away...i was shocked!!! i thought she won`t remember me quickly...

i love the environment of the hospital..although we see many patients and we thank Allah for the blessings that he has given us specially being healthy el7amde Allah...but talking to patients...seeing how much our help is helping them and how much our words is influencing them is a very BeauTiful Award ^____^

OOOOoooooh...in one of the hospital`s section..we have a nurse who told me that her nickame is "Mango" hehehehe..isn`t that funny? mango..loooooool..

The real world..is a BeauTifuL World..yet ScarY ONE.. : )