الحمد الله

Smile cuz u can ..smile cuz its free and easy..smile cuz ur alive and healthy..smile cuz it can shade ur tears and sadness away..smile please..cuz i am asking you to.. : ) ^____^

SMILE..no matter how ur feeling..SAD..DISAPPOINTED..angry..broken..cuz those feelings can soon fade away and be replaced with Beautiful BlesSings & Experiences..

SMILE..cuz ur blessed with health..beauty..sense of security..good loving family..

SMILE..cuz ur alive..walking..talking..seeing

SMILE..cuz ur reading this which means u have access to the net..most likely from a nice home ....with loving people around u..

SMILE..cuz u can read ..many people didnt have the chance to learn

SMILE..cuz u have the time to read this..the time to take care of ur self and pamper ur self..time to go out..have fun with ur family..many people work long hours or 2 jobs and have barely timme to sit..relax and see their family..

SMILE..cuz u have food elhamdu Allah..and u don't have to worry about what u have to eat the next day..

SMILE..cuz you..and I have the chance to change the world.. to help a child like that in the pic ..perhaps to draw a smile on her/his face ..
Smile..cuz we can be HapPy and can make others HapPy too with the help of Allah : )

اللهم لك الحمد ولك الشكر كما ينبغي لجلال وجهك وعظيم سلطانك
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Gatherings & SuprisEs... : )

Alright..its 04:15 am, my baby girl is awake since 02:30 and she seems in the mood to play 0_0

on thursday, I had a girl's gathering at my sweet home..some of my close uni friends came and co-workers..we haaad soooooooooo much FuUunNNN :D.. i realized we needed more of these gaTHERINGS so that we would feel energized and HapPyYyy and have some laughs ;) but its soo hard to get all the girls together >_< what else..? emmmmmmmm..and yesterday i susrprised my sweet Aunt (5alty) and went to her home with my family and lil baby Hanooona cuz she had a knee operation and didnt get to see the baby since she was born :( she was soo surprized and hapPYYY :D every now n then we should throw out some suprises for our loved ones...so that our life becomes fun n unique..i hate routine..

what was the last susprise u did for someone or when were u last surprised and why?


"Fake it..Until you make it.." ; )


I Feel Sad & Lonely Soo much...

I Pretend too much...

I Sleep too much...

I eat too much...

I Think too much...

and when i come to think about the reasons behind it..part of it is running away from reality..maybe its too painful to confront my self of my msitakes and shortcomings..so pretending or sleeping or over-eating tends to convert my attention to something else other than my reality..

Pretending actually works prettyyyyyyyyyyy gooood with me :D

u know ppl..i made a quote the other day..and please reserve my rights for owning this quote :P

"Fake it..Until You make it.." :D

it may sound a lil silly but trust me i tried it and it works :D

sometimes when u pretend ur confident..or that ur HapPy even tho ur not..over time..you may beleive ur own lie and pretending..u may indulge ur self in a happy and smiley face until u forget u were sad..so try it and let me know what u think about this ; )

and let me know how you scape reality..?!


Random Thoughts... : )

Sometimes I come across a drawing or a memory from the old old days where homes were side by side , Hearts were filled with love and care

Life was simple then, yeah more difficult but in a way it was more simple

I guess the less distractions u have , more focused and HapPIer u can be

In today's world we seem indulged in everything yet nothing in quality perspective

Internet, driving, TV, movies, malls, shoPping, chatting, doing nothing, magazines, fashion, gosSips and every other thing that is not really in our top priority but we spend much of our time doing it anyways for one reason or another like me :D unfortunately of course

We barely have time for family, quality time that is not hi, bye, whats for launch kinda time :P we seem in a rush everyday but when u think about it, rush to do what?..

Life is short as we always say so there should not be excuses to make time for family, friends, and good gatherings and deeds

I guess spending 5 min a day thinking about poor people wont harm too ^_^ like buying water for the workers resting after long hot working hours under the sun

Today someone special I know did this, and I appreciate his deed and thought for thinking of others while he resting in an air-conditioned Beautiful house ; ) how thoughtful dear someone : )

Just a reminder for You & I ; )

الحمد الله على نعمه وفضله ^____^


A New Life...

I am back
Missed the blog world, my old friends and bloggers and the beautiful memories in the Internet world

I just had a baby girl ^___^elhamdu Allah

Feels like a Beautiful Dream, cant believe it

Life is different now, I feel older looool

The idea of taking care of a little one is exhausting and scary

I ask Allah to give me the strength and patience and Faith to be able to take good care of my little girl and be a good example for her ensue Allah

Just a short post to feel like old spring again lool cuz I am bored in this room, I need to do something for my self too before I lose my soul :D

A n