~Love me for who i am..~

Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly.

"Rose Franken"

I Like this quote cuz its true in many ways..

If u can't act silly and stupid once in a while with ur loved one..then i guess u & him/her have some kind of a barrier that stops u to be truly ur self around him/her..

which means u two r not comfortable enough around each other..

which means u can't see through each other's soul

Its a beautiful feeling to just froget ur self around ur loved one cuz u ain't afraid of him/her judging you or finding u silly :D

Don't u think..? ; )



I am sitting here in my uncomfortable chair..in my room with a touch of orange-colour which i started hating :D wondering about my life before and now..
Thinking about what is missing..

Life is strange..isnt' it..? we think we want soemthing..but later on we realize it was just a fantasy...sometimes things are not meant to happen..and i can say from experience..thank God that not all what we wish for happens :D cuz what we wish for is not always what we need to be Happy..trust me on that ; )

ok...ur wondering what does a screaming baby has to do with my post..well..smart reader..didnt u realize it yet?

NUTHINnnnnnnnnnnnnng..looooooooooool..thats my point..as we go through life's journey..soemtimes not everything we do or think makes sense..until we grow older...wiser...and then we see it all..

Have a Nice Week Every one..or noone loool depending who reads or who doens't ^_^