~*~ Every Thing Happens for a Reason ~*~

Manytimes in life..we wonder..& we ask our selves.." why did this happen to me"? why i am not happy? why can't I get what I want?Why did this have to happen to me?

and every time..these questions cross ur mind..just remind ur self that

Every Thing Happens For A Reason..

maybe "that thing" happened to you so that u get out of the experience a stronger person..

maybe u got seriously sick..to start fresh..start a new page..a new life..maybe that was ur second chance to make things different..to change ...

In many times..if we just change the way we look at things..clean our lenses..i guess we would feel much better about the situations we go through..simply because we see it in a different way..

it is true when they say...

Changing the way u think..can alter and change the way u feel ..

if u fail in a uinversity course for example or get a C-...maybe thats just a blessing that will push u and challenge u to be a better student..a hard-working person...

if u didnt find the "Mr.Right guy" yet..or ur waiting for someone to knock ur door..or u want to do something in ur life but u have nit reached it yet..

maybe that is just a way to blow up ur curiousity..to feed ur enthusiasim to run after ur dreams..until the unexpected comes..

Maybe then u don't only get what u wished for..but you even get more than what u had in mind...!!

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