u can't love the world..if u have no love to offer to ur self..!

You have to Love yourself first..to be able to spread Love to others..
Al salam alikom..Hello..Bonjour..Hola amigo..emm..what else?
so..here i am..today..trying to figure out what to write...

I Believe that in this world, we all strive to offer something valuable to others, to our community and most importantly to be recognized and accepted..

Can u imagine living in the world with all the money u ever dreamed of..all the fun..all the ferrary..sport cars..all the ice cream..books..things u love..but the only problem is that ur a lone? Or u have no friends to share all the fun with?

sharing secrets..thoughts..sad and fun moments..with a friend..this intellectual and emotional interaction is overwhelming... do u really want to miss that?

sometimes..i find my self..isolating from other people..even my friends..i suddenly feel I don’t want to hear any ones voice..or hear about any ones journey..

well..perhaps because at that specific moment..(ATTENTION: REVEALING A SECRET…)I had a moment of truth..a moment of honestly..simply means that I realized who I am..my mistakes and that I am not satisfied with my self lately and this feeling of dissatisfaction leaves me with shock and disappointment… until I regain my strength and faith in my self and continue the journey… : )

returning to the accepting part..it says in this book that I am reading..that even Hitler used to take (a group of people who supported him) everywhere u went..

So it doesn’t mater if ur succeccfull..famous..happy or poor..we all need to feel accepted..to feel we belong to a group..

Think about gangsters... and teenagers who r willing to do any thing to be accepted in these groups..

And I love this phrase in the book where it says:

(We are all prisoners of self-hunger, and once we feed our soul with love, respect, Appreciation and acceptance, it is then that we can offer and direct our love , attention and care to something or someone else)

simply like they advise a mother to love..and accept her self so she can be able to offer this love to her children ..because if she is not happy..how can she offer any to her children…!!


Bookworm said...

I guess everyone sometimes feel that they want to go back in their cocoon and hide in their shells to figure out what's happening with them/the world they're in. Cuz sometimes, you just need to distance yourself from everything and everyone to see things objectively..that's how I see it.

What you said about self-acceptance and self-love reminded me of Oprah. There was this ep sometime in summer where ladies where talking about how ugly they feel and how they just couldn't get themselves to like themselves - and it turned out that their mothers had gone through the same thing, so when the mother couldn't accept herself, she somehow managed to pass that feeling or attitude to her daughter. Strange but logical, don't you think? You know, I used to say that I'll only 'like' myself if I achieve so and so, but really, if I never like myself, I'll never achieve my goals ;)

Seems like you're reading an interesting book, what's it called?

Ah, sorry bout the long comment - I guess I just wanted to welcome you back in Blogworld. It's been a while!

Spring-Rain said...

Yeah..exactly..to be objective..about where we stand..

oh yeah..i saw parts of that episode..interesting..isnt it?

i think its because mothers who were once unsecure about their apperance..tend to act obsessivley with their daughters in terms of..oh..look how beautiful u r..ur more beautiful than so and so... ur hair is soo nice..so they keep sending these messeges..and the kid thinks oh..so i am loved cuz i am beautiful?

yeah..i loved it when u said u will never achieve ur goals if u did not luv ur self..soo true..cuz if u don't like ur self..u won't have that energy..that enthusiasim to put it into effortful days and nights...
and if u don't like ur self..u may not accept that fact that u r strong enough to meet ur goals..

the book is traslated into arabic..its called

كيف تتمتع بالثقة والقوة في التعامل مع الناس

الكاتب:لس جبلين

حلو عيبني الكتاب ^__^

nooo..thank you for commenting..i luv long comments :D..

see you..when I see you ; )

Topaza said...

People should read this.