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Sometimes we look around..and we wonder..why we cry..why we whine..why do we get Sad..upSet..and Lost..we look around again and we realize we have many blesSings elhamdu Allah..but we are still not HapPy..

is it Fear..is it discontenment..is it weakness of faith..or is it not knowing what we want..or not wanting to make effort to get what we want..???!!

i am not sure if u understand..but sometimes sAdnesS or fear hits us like a rushing bus..and we wonder why we feel the way we feel..we find ranDom answers..some answers we deny..other answers we refuse to beleive..

i dunno..

u can have EveRything and still not be HapPy and u can have very little and be the most HapPy person in the world..i think one of the worse feelings are not knowing why ur not happy..cuz when u don't know the problem..u can't find a solution..

today while going to the hospital since i started work last week..me and my friend "M" were talking about how much we miss university..i would rather go study now than work.. :)

and it made me think..that maybe some day..when i get married..and have children..pershaps i won't work if i don't need to..cuz there is nuthing more beautiful than being relaXed minded and take care of what is moSt Precious..i don't udnerstand why some people leave their children to the maids or family and go work specially if they don't need the money? ..
not only to take good care of children but also..i think its hard to take care of a house..children..husband and work at the same time..and i meaaaaaaaaaaan it when i say i do appreciate the effort men do while working just to provide money and BuilD a family..God BlesS them :D i really really appreciate it cuz now i know how tiring it is for them..so thank you men :D

any ways..

i just wanna go walk near the beach..walk n walk n walk and put many things and issueS behind me....i miss it............and i would perhaps like to take 2 specific peOPle in my mind to talk with cuz they make me feel better...its a gift..to feel comfrotable with certain people..a blesSing..

اللهم ارزقنا العفاف والغنى والتقوى والهداية والسعادة والقناعة والإيمان الكامل واليقين الصادق وحبك ورضاك وحسن الخاتمة والفردوس الأعلى من الجنة ورضا الوالدين في طاعتك والإخلاص في القول والعمل اللهم آمييييييين


Ocean Wave said...


Ocean Wave said...

are u upset these days???
Is any thing bad happened????

Spring Blend said...

^_^yes i am upset lool..some issues are playing with my mind..

it`s ok..i feel better today elhamdu Allah..i hope those things will go away soon ensha Allah hope u r feeling better too :D

thanx for asking

Spring Blend said...

In my last post i wrote
قال تعالى: "إن بعد العسر يسرا

but the right Aaya is:

قال الله سبحانه وتعالى: "إن مع العسر يسرا

Ocean Wave said...


Miracle said...

Dear M,
:) you know exactly how to BE EXTREMELY happy... :) and this is itself something to thank Allah for.. some people keep themselves upset and sad and they don't seek to change at all.. but you know how to relieve yourself :)

mabrOOok you started working ;) all thumbs up...

I wonder why you did not wait until the end of Ramadan and then think of WORK. I mean, i know you guys are so bored and blah blah blah, but didn't you wanna test yourself in this RAMADAN while you're completely freee just for RAMADAN?

^_^ I wish you all the best and HAPPINESS....

Spring Blend said...

Ahleen Dear Miracle

maybe..yes..soemtimes i know how to make my self HapPy n satisfied..other times i just pretend and sometimes it works..sometimes it does Not

thaaaaaaanx Allah yebarek feeech : )

about Ramadan..,maybe ur right..but personally i feel that when i am totally free..i waste my time more..and i don't use in it a good way but when i have a strict scheduale..sometimes it helps me Discipline...

and i feel when i have too much time..i think too much..

any ways

Hope Ramadan is Going well with u..

ThanKS for the Wish Allahuma Ameeeeeeen

الله يوفقج ويسعدج ويرفع مقامج دنيا وآخرة عند الله عز وجل اللهم آمييين

^__^ Have a lovely Week