~&~ Don't MisS The Chance...! ~&~

Al Saaaaaaaaaaaaalaaaaaaam Alikooooooooooom

Guess what :D
i went to ICe-SkaTinG with MY Best Friend Bookworm YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaYyy!!!

SOooooooo coool..so refreshing..so relaxing..^__^ hey if u haven't tried it it..what r u waiting for ?..trust me..try it and u will looooove it :D

^_^ u feeel ur floating on the air..i am not very GooD at it..just for entertainment..but its cool..it was soo cold..today was my day-off since i will work on saturday next week..i am glad i did not spend my day-off sleeping and thinking about many unsolved matters in my life ^__^ YuuPpPYy..we also had launch near the beach and there was a gentle wind ^_^
One of the reasons i went is that i felt i don't see my friends so often specially bookwarm one of my first and best friends since uni ^_^الله يحفظها ويسعدها دنيا وآخرة اللهم آميين and we need to spend some time with them..just having fun..knowing them better..and another reason is skating gives me HaPpinEsS and also..i don't wanna waste too much time at home doing nuthing and my life running through my eyes and me sitting there pretending to be calm as if nuthing..!! i wannaaaaaaaaaaa use every minute..i wanna change my attitude..its time to be a different person and ensha allah i will do my best ; )

well..u know..life is too short to spend sleeping or thinking too much..i mean yes we should work hard for the آخرة to strengthen our Faith.. think about our career ..our social life..but once bookworm told me.."i don't wanna reach 70 years and look back and say: oh why i didn't do this and that.." so PeoplE..don't Miss the chance..we only live once..make it in the Best Way PoSsible ; ) and the best way that satisfies Allah ^_^

So tell me..what do u LOooooooVE and feel relaxed and ExCitEd about when u do..what is one of ur Favorite Hobbies and why?
اللهم آتنا في الدنيا حسنة وفي الاخرة حسنة وقنا عذاب النار
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sadia said...


first of all, shukran for visiting my blog :)

i haven't skated for ages!...i have such fond memories of skating almost everyday at al nasr liesureland as a kid...i used to go everyday after school! those were the days!

but you're right...it's good to have fun and have hobbies. i love reading, baking, going out with friends, knitting and now i'm addicted to blogs!...lol!

Ocean Wave said...

I've never tried it!!! It must be wonderful!
your post tempted me to find the nearest Ice-skating club!!!!

""life is too short to spend sleeping or thinking too much"" totalllllllyyyyy agreeeeeeee

have nice day ^__^

Ocean Wave said...

oh I forget to answer ur question!

I love swimming... when I swim, I do not think to any thing else! I lOooooooooveee it...

I also love painting.
and talking with friends... but not tooooooooooo much :)


Bookworm said...

That was fun! inshaAlla we'll get to go again.
And yes, we should give those fitness classes a go too ;) Call me when you're up for it

Spring Blend said...

Alikom esalam Sadia

ur welcome : )
ohhhh..i used to skate in al-naser liesureland with ym brother and couzins lool..those were nice days ^__^

i don't bake but i am good at tasting people's bakings :D

kintting sounds interesting i wanna learn soon ensha Allah

thanx for ur comment and have a lovely week ; )

hey ocean:

yea..trust me..its SOoooo fun..but if its ur first time, don't blame me if u fall several time :D it's not my problem..!..but once u learn to skate without being afraid of FallinG..then u will enjoy it and feel ur floating..but try it and let me know..

niiiice hobies u have :)

have a nice week

ahleeeen BoOkY:
^_^ i am free on thursday its my day-off i will try to come if ur free..ensha Allah

thanx for ur comment and have a BEauTifuuuuuuuul week ^_^

LioneSS said...

WoW ...
I am glag you got a happy time in your day-off ^_^

I didn't try it before but my brother did and he is always keep saying to me you have to do it.
after your post i think i have to think seriously to it ^_^

I usually spend my time reading, blogging and shopping :D

I wish you the very best and may all your days be filled with happiness and excitements ^_^

Notorious said...

Wow ice-skating made all this feelin go out ,, mashalla
Hopefully I do the same thing instead of lookin at my life pass me by

Spring Blend said...

ahleeeen lioneSS thanx Dear ^_^

yeeeaaaah u should listen to ur brother...its sooo much Fuun after u learn to be a bit BalancED

Allahuma Ameeeeeeeen..thanx for ur Beautiful dua`a

Hey Notorious..welcome to my BloG : )

yeaaaaah..it givs u excitment trust me..try it and let me know..

and ur right..we should seize the moments and try to benefit and Enjoy each moment : )