Gatherings & SuprisEs... : )

Alright..its 04:15 am, my baby girl is awake since 02:30 and she seems in the mood to play 0_0

on thursday, I had a girl's gathering at my sweet home..some of my close uni friends came and co-workers..we haaad soooooooooo much FuUunNNN :D.. i realized we needed more of these gaTHERINGS so that we would feel energized and HapPyYyy and have some laughs ;) but its soo hard to get all the girls together >_< what else..? emmmmmmmm..and yesterday i susrprised my sweet Aunt (5alty) and went to her home with my family and lil baby Hanooona cuz she had a knee operation and didnt get to see the baby since she was born :( she was soo surprized and hapPYYY :D every now n then we should throw out some suprises for our loved ones...so that our life becomes fun n unique..i hate routine..

what was the last susprise u did for someone or when were u last surprised and why?