~*~ ChildHOoOd MeMories ~*~

I like to think back when I was a child one day..I don't think i was concerned about ‎anything else other than being loved and playing with my cousin "M", her brother "M" ‎and my Brother DOoDY

we were like a gang or something, looking for old canes, analyzing the environment ‎around us, trying to figure out what mysterious Scenarios happened..‎

We used to go skating in the parks together..SOoooooo FuUuUuUun..going to al khoor ‎park to ride that 4 wheel bicycles ..going ice skating in "Nady el naser"..‎

I miss being a child,and I don't miss it as well..‎

I miss sending letters down the balcony to my childhood best friend "H" on a night of ‎Ramadan, i miss playing football with my brother's friends

I miss going swimming with the whooooooooole family, my cousinz and all and then ‎eating cheese sandiwich..yummy..‎

I miss doing silly stuff,, like that time when i was going to tarawee7 prayer in Ramadan ‎and i figured out i have no socks and i was wearing short sleeves..‎

or that other time when me and my couzin could not stop giggling during tarawe7 ‎prayer..‎

I miss some of my school friends..who i know little about now..and I don't want to see ‎that happening with my university SwEEeT Friends..‎

why..do people leave..why do they go,,why do they make us think of them as a sweet ‎memory rather than a touchable reality..hmmm...‎

i remember once my brother did a crazy thing..‎

my couzin in Iran was standing in the yard and me and my brother were in the second ‎floor balconi and my brother Poured cold water i think on that poor guy hehehe...rude but ‎FuUnNY...Sorry dude… bad day..!‎

So what is it that you miss the most about ur childhood...? : )

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Bookworm said...

Ooooooo - gangsta!
Should I be scared? :P

I know what you mean. Its like wanting two contradictory things at once - being a child and being a grown up. Childhood rocked! Bas inshaAlla every phase we go thru would be as..memorable.

loool, letters, cold water and tarawee7 memories - made me laugh =)