Family...Decisions.. and FUuUUN...

Salam Alikom EveryOone
I was once told by my mother that my grandfather ..Allah yer7ama..wanted to call me Nisan..hehe..i know it is funny but the meaning in farsi is beauTiful.. Mom told me it means spring rain (buran 2 bahar :D)..but then they told him Allah yer7ama that its a car`s name(cuz he did't know) so they called me something else..also BeauTiful :D

family..family..family..i want to spend more time with them but i don't..i make excuses..soemtime they are watching news so i see ooh booring..other times..i rather be alone..and then i say why don't i spend more time with them?
THEY are one of the most precious people and we should try hard to spend everyday with them with love, harmoney and as much time as possible
Many times, i find it hard to say I LoveYou to those people who i care about..specially my family members...........................................

ok..so..in my older post i mentioned i am the youngest and the only girl which makes me kinda rely on others for many decisions. but now i HAVE to make a very important decision by myself which can change my life soooooooooo muuuuchhhhh..positive and negative change but i feel the positivity is more..which makes me happy and relieved..and everyday..i feel i am more comfortable with my decision and more happier el7amdu Allah..توكلت على الله رب العالمين..إن شاء الله خير
let us see what happens : )
I went to Ibn Batuta Mall and watched a " 3D Movie"..cooooool..it was soooooo niiiice...it wasss soooooo real..the images...the fake actors...everything..seemed soo real..i enjoyed my time and when ever there was a scene where a sword was thrown i blinked hehehe..cuz u feel it will hit you..it was weird..and i closed my eyes in some parts cuz there was a very ugly and scaRRY creature loool ^______^

This is it for now..see you when I see you ^___^ :D this is a line from Rachel Ray`s SHoOW

سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وأشهد أن محمد رسول الله


Dimpliii said...

Yeah...dear, I even told Miracle abou this, after the accident, may Allah rest their souls, I feel that I was ignoring my family alot, not only the ones I am living with, even the whole "tribe"....I only want to visit them, talk to them, know how are they, go out with them....BE ALWAYS CONNECTED TO THEM......Sub7an Allah!

Spring-Rain said...

ahleen dimplii my friend

i am sooooo glad to see ur comment here..

actually i talked about my family because i saw ur comment in miracle's site..so u reminded me to talk about this topic ..so thank you : )

i felt this way also after my aunt..Allah yer7mha had passed away..i wished i called her more often or told her i love you...

sub7an Allah..sometimes things happen to remind us of other things..now we have the opportunity to be better people..better sisters..better daughters and better relatives and we have the time to do it insha Allah.. ^_^we are given a chance..many chances

الله يبدل أحزاننا لسعادة وأفراح ويقوينا ويسعدنا ويرزقنا رضاه والفردوس الأعلى من الجنة...اللهم آميين

إن الله مع الصابرين : ) شكرا حبيبتي على التعليق

Aromatic_Volcano_53 said...

Assalamu Alaik, It's my first visit of your blog!
It's fantastic! and I will be a fan of your blog from now!
Hey! I wanna say something! I was impressed when I read you talk to plants. It's one of the most beautiful romantic works one can do! :D
I love smiling too ^__^ the easiest charity!

miracle girl said...

Hey Coral mermaid, you were a real mermaid in A's wedding mashAllah :D

but you were very quiet!

with regards to your post, :) i am glad you're thinking of a positive change...

I do not think i am neglecting my family..
i used to ignore my brother just to tease him, but most of the time, i stick to my family a lot el7emdellah :p and i am making too much noise toO. lol

miracle girl said...

ehim, by the way
coral mermaid,
:P i think we're going through something similar and that is very confusinggggg :p

Spring-Rain said...

Hello Aromatic..

i am glad u think its romantic not crazy :D cuz i never thought that guys would think that is romantic,assuming ur a guy..but yeah..if it makes us feel better..why not? maybe they can feel it too..Allah knows :)

yea..i wonder why people hold their smiles..its a Beautiful present..

Thank you for ur comment and have a lovely day

Spring-Rain said...

7abeeeebty Miracle..thanx dear ^___^

i was quite or u were quite? lool..r u kidding me?sometimes i have many things to say to you but I don't know how to communicate with u face to face :D

kootchy koochy miracle..i am glad u spend plenty of time with ur family..masha Allah..May Allah fill your and Our heart and mind with Faith, Happiness and Joy always insha Allah:)

with regard to the change..it is kinda complicated....a big decision that can change my life soo dramatically..i will tell u when I come to a decision insha Allah :)

loool..u think so? emmm..i am not sure if we r going through the same thing ..are we :P? sometimes i don't understand u...

I love ur comments..thanx for passing by dear friend ^__^and I really hope that things will be great for you inaha Allah..just wait and see :)have a Wonderful Day

MIRACLE said...

yallah get married

Spring-Rain said...

hehehe miracle.. after you my friend :D