~*~ A Letter To..Someone Precious..! ~*~

Dear Someone..

I know you since we were little kids..running around the bushes..laughing..giggling about silly things...we were innocent once..do you remember?.. we played like there were no worries..we laughed like there were no tears..it was just you and me..can't you see what HaPpened? We grew Up..!! we became apart..old days..old memories..i know you miss it like i miss it..i look behind me,,wondering whether i can get you back..i miss you..i miss the fact that you made me proud..

I turn around..sitting in my car..driving in the highway and thinking about you..how can i reach you after all those years..? Will you accept me now..?! now that i have done so wrong..now that i have become a grown up and had my share of msitakes..do i deserve you?

I know i can get you back..we can always open a new page.. we can erase those black markers ..those mistakes..there is always a way back if we choose to take that road..because there is Faith in Allah..there is Hope that we have a Loving and a Forgiving God :)

To..our childhood..our Innocence...
to our old clean page that needs a new
shampOo or perhaps a new journey
for our souls to be pure once again... : )
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M.I.R.A.C.L.E said...

My My! what a letter! it makes one curious to know to whom it was written!! I loved the words and the mystery it carries....

I miss my childhood friends.
I miss the innocence and I miss the lOok upon my face when I was about to cry...

Spring Blend said...

Ahleeen Miracle..welcome..welcome :D

looool..it was written to my childhood..the days that we did not think of responsibilities..the days that we did not carRy SOOoo much burden in our Heart..soo much..deeeds..good and bad..

A letter to myself : ) and for All of us..that we grew Up..we went through experience..we made mistakes..but there is HoPe to be pure again..if we choose to clear our mind and Heart ..Not to carRy Grudges..not to BackbighT..and to Care for each other without benefits just لوجه الله تعالى..

i dunno..i wrote this before few days i think..soemtimes i write things then wonder why Exactly did i write it :D

Thanks for ur comment MOdmOoozel

Ocean Wave said...

wow! nice letter!
I missed my childhood too! I liked the letter you wrote. it is fulll of feeling, full of love!
how lucky is your childhood that can get such a beautiful letter.

sadia said...

don't get me started on childhood!
if only i could turn back the hands of time...but inshallah, future will be good for all of us!
let's hope for the best.


Spring Blend said...

Hey Ocean..

yeaa..childhood days were Sweet..but u know..i still feel this age now..is Beautiful..every stage is different.. and has its own Beauty and is full of surPrisez..so el7amdu Allah..

Thanks Ocean

Hey Sadia..loool actually somehow i don't want to go back to childhood..i just miss it u know..but i love the age i am at now el7amdu Allah..Full of Mystry and Weird ExperienCesS.. :D

Thanks for ur comment Sis