~*~ STOP Buying...!!! ~*~

It's Time that we do something about it..i am getting more angry for not doing much for other muslims in the world

macdoland..pizz Hot..berger King..Kinder chocolates..Starbucks cafee ..Pepsi and other soft drinks..and all the famous American/Denmark brands..pleaaaaaaase..let Us Support Muslims and innocent peoPle in something as small as this...lets stop buying those brands...is it too hard? nooooooo..but we are tooo weak to resist...we are tooo self-centred..everyone is dying..children ..women..inoocent people..and we can still see people eating form those places

STOOOOOOOOOOOP IT..stop this silliness...we pretend we care..yet doing nuthing serious about it..its enough..i mean it..

please lets Support Muslims and STop Buying those products...as much as its possible..maybe some will say its hard to Boycottمقاطعة all the products..but lets stat little by little..the things we can..tell ur friends..ur families to do so ..remind people..

anyone who remmebers American or any other countries product that support Isreal..please mention it here so we all know about it..

Thank you..
اللهم انصر المسلمين في كل مكان..اللهم ثبت أقدامنا على طريق الحق اللهم وحد صفوفنا اللهم آمييين يا رب العالمين
اللهم دمر إسرائيل وأعداء الإسلام..اللهم زلزل الأرض تحت أقدامهم وبث الرعب في قلوبهم يا رب إنك على كل شيء قدير اللهم آمييين


sadia said...

great minds think alike!
my latest post is about the same thing!
let's do it!

Halawa said...


Amen ya Rab! Amen!

Marks & Spencer too. The stores in the UK actually have notices written in the store that a percentage of the money you spend over there "helps the Israeli children".

Le3nat Allah 3alehom!

I wrote about the situation over there too.

libero anima said...

let's boycott !!!!!! ..
we did that immediately after the attacks ..

libero anima said...

let's boycott !!!!!! ..
we did that immediately after the attacks ..

Spring Blend said...

Hey Sadia.. : )

Ur right..It's time to do Boycott..not for one week..not for two..for as long as we can ensha Allah

Hey Halawa..

oh good that u mentioned Marks & Spencer too..
Thanks for ur comment : )


Masha Allah..GReaT..!! i told my family as well..to be sure not to buy those brans..

ocean wave said...

Salam Spring,
I agree with you. but ,you know, it is a lit bit late, unfortunately, to use this method to help innocent kids in Palestine.
I think the world (Muslims & non-Muslims) should be more concerned about stopping the killing of innocents ( also Muslim & non-Muslims). Boycott helps ( and I hope to do my best in sha ALLAH) but it's not the way that we go NOW. we should do it very earlier. and unfortunately, muslim countries are not thinking about being REAL developed. some them are not good place to live and some others are just trying to make money! Muslim reach men should try to make some products to compete with these. I say it again, although I agree with boycott, I think it won't stop killing :(

Spring Blend said...

Alikom Esalam Ocean..

i know what u mean...actually people began boycotting before several years then we StopPed...at least many stopped..shame on some of us..ur right..its a good way but not ENOUGH..u made good and valid points..but even if it will make a small difference..isn't it worth it?

yes..the killing will not stop by just boycotting but at least we will not be participating in funding and supporting the American and Isreali melitary system..u know how many mac.burger kind..pepsi colas and starbucks there are in the UAE alone? now think in the gulf? and arab world and so on..they will lose a good amount of money if we ALLLLL co-operate..trust me..its not enough ur right but its worth it..and yes it may be a lil late but NOW is better than NEVER..i beleive we still have to boycott..

its a complicated matter as u mentioned ..but i feel this somehow will show our support for muslims and non-muslims innocent people in the world..u know

and ur totally right..we are a very dependent nation on other countries..in terms of not investing the gulf's good finance status on producing rather than importing many food and other essential products..ur thinking about The Big picture..and long-term profit which is absolutly what we should be thinking of..but right now..this is the weapon we got..we should encourage people to Botcott..untill The muslim and Arab world Wake upP..!!

Thanks Ocean for ur important point of view

The Extravagate said...

alla yzeech 5air ,,, lets boycott!!

Anonymous said...

no update for loooong time