~*~ I DON'T Like IT When... ~*~

Hey PePoool..
HopE all of YoU are DoinG GreaT Ensha Allah

oky..lets BeGiN:

I DON'T like IT When...:

1) When People Spit in the streets
2) When People don't reply the Salam

3) When You smile, and they Don't Smile Back and look at you in a weird way :D

4) When People don't say that they Love or care about you or how beautiful u look or different because they ASSUME U KNOW..!!! Don't Assum..just say it..

5) When People Lie..Cheat..Or BackBite..
6) How animals in the ZOo are suffering alone..in a small silly..boring..cage...

7) When People are TOo Serious or Laugh all the time..!!
8) When people say they care about you but u don't see them or hear from them for several months..!!

9) When People call u or msg you only when they need some favOor
10) When People Shout or raise their voice

11) When People Make fun of others..including saying ethnics JoOkeSs
12) When PeOple say proudly about something wrong or bad they did..!!!

13) When People use bad language like....well if i said it..i wouldn't be much different..! :D
even the words that are used regularly..i hate when people use it..or animal names..HAAAAAAATe it...it only shows our lack of manners and Elegance

14) When people Don't show their Emotions or Excitment just to lOok Formal or Prestigious..well sometimes we should consider the environment..the situation..the culture..but all the time...COome ON....!!

15) When people act as if your not in the RoOom..or IgnOore You..
16) When People Don't Say..Thank You or Please or Apologize when NecesSary
17) People who are Very Pessimistic or Whine Alot..
What About YoU...?!!!
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Bookworm said...

- when people try and MAKE you change your point of view. Can't they just back off and agree to disagree?

- when I get stuck in the 'relaxing' traffic in shj and dxb.

- when you count on someone to do something/ be there and then they ditch ya.

Ocean Wave said...

Hi spring,
things u mentioned are mostly what all people hate.. I hate them too. but less or more I hate many other things, I am sure u also hate many other things.
what I hate (more than the others) is when some people say some thing wrong ( and they know it is wrong) just to make me angry and sad! I can not bear that and I really feel angry in these circumstances. REALLY ANGRY! when I say some fundamental logical statements and they do not agree JUST TO MAKE ME ANGRY! I CAN NOT BEER THAT.

sadia said...

you know what i hate? show offs!

and people who insult others directly or indirectly.

i hate people who don't respect others!!

i hate it when muslims adopt western values and cultural practices which go against islam!

i hate it when muslims try too hard to be accepted by the west.

and i'm hating israel and all her allies right now too.

and i'm hating all the muslim governments for not taking a stand.

Spring Blend said...

BOoK Worm..

1) lool..yeah..i know what u mean..

3) mmmm..for me..i hate when people are late even if 5 minutes..specially if that continues for several times :@@@@@

and the traffic thing is FrusTrating specially if ur Drivings

Thank You : )


lool..some people are just GOood at teaSing people..and yeah its Annoying..but SOMETIMES its fun..

Thanks for ur comment


me tooooo..hate people who like to SHow OFf..or only buy or carry brand names to show off..

i agree with all what u saidand u know what?

i hate people who don't always respect people and when people disrespect them..they get AngrY!! come onnnnnnnnnn..!!!!!!!

Thanks Dear for paSsing by

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Anonymous said...

I don't like it when people hot-link to an image and waste the bandwidth of the originating site - or use images on their blogs which they don't own the copyright to.