~*~ Small Things Make A Big DifferencE...! ~*~

I MiSs going to the beach..just walking..listening to the sounds of the WaveSs..Have u ever tried to lay down on the cold sand in the night..looking at the stars..thinking or perhaps talking with a good friend..?

i did..and Trust me it feeels GOOOOOOOOOD.. ^_^

u gotta try it..its Relieving..relAxing..makes u feel everything is alright..

Sometimes..we gotta leave everything behind uS for a second..relax..and EnjoY the nature..that moment..just to forget about our problems..beleive me..even for few minutes..

TODAY WE WENT TO MY AUNT'S HOUSE..SO MY UNCLE CALLED me..WHERE R U? HE SAID: " I can't wait to see you..." isn't that cute..?! lool..i mean u don't hear men saying that alot..i gueSs he is romantic at HearT :P any ways..he made Me HapPpPYyy..see how we girls can be hapPy by Simple True WOordS ^_^..so don't ever hesistate to tell ur family n friends how much they mean to u..n how much u LOovE Them ..actually its silly i am advising u this cuz i find it eXtreeeeeemly hard to expResS my feelings face to face even to my parents n friends..hmmmm..any ways..i should try ..but i mean even by writting a small note..a gift..a smile..a touch..a msg..there r many ways..be CreaTive..

Small Things Make A Big DiffeRenCe..!
so..why don't we always say what's on our mind? why don't we Freely ExpreSs our feelings to our family and friends and our loved ones? is it the way we were raised? to hold on to our emotions? not to show them, specially for guys? it is hard? is it easier in some cultures to show emotions? is it fear of rejection? i dunno..for me..its not being used to it..being a girl among 3 older brothers..i am not that used to expreSsing my feelings..and talk about crying!!! they made fun of me when i was little and cried when watching a movie..so now i haaaaaaaaaaaate crying infront of people..i haaaaaaate funerals and i don't know how to act when people cry infront of me..!! i feel weak..
in terms of positive feelings..like oh i missed u or i care about u..i gueSs i am shy or get embarSsed..but when i am not around my fmaily i find it easier..cuz i can be who i am without being made fun of by my brothers :D

so is it easy for you to exPreSs ur Feelings..and why?

^_^ yalla..see you..

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sadia said...


i'm exactly like you...i can't cry in front of anyone, and i don't know how to react when i see others cry.

i never showed emotions to anyone either...but i'm changing that. now i go up to my mom and hold her hand..or when we're walking together, i loop my arm into hers...and now i tell my sisters i love them, i love to run my hand in my dad's beard and also on his face...yes, i've started to show everyone i love them...even friend, now i tell them i love them...lol...so much so that everyone's getting sick of me.

before it was difficult, but i consciously try to change that. saying sorry is still a struggle...i find it hard. but the other day, when i did something to upset my mom, i told her how hard for me it was to apologize and told her that i was sorry...so that way it was easier.

and i know what you mean by small words having a big impact. my cousin told me that he'll personally come and interview any man i want to marry...that meant sooo much to me...you know such things matter a lot.

and as for the small things like nature and stuff, well i think we should be thanful to ALLAH for all HIS blessings...including nature, parents, health, etc...and it'll make us more content...and as notorious said, "peace". and looking at those who are less fortunate than us.

lol...sorry for the long comment!

Spring Blend said...

Alikom Esalaaaaaaaaaaaaaam Sadiaaa

hey..i am glad we have changed..u seem alot like me..cuz i guess i have changed a bit too..stretching cheecks is just my way to say i care about them :D..

i beleive everything may be difficult at the beginning but ocne u try it..and see the results..u will do it more often and more openly..and its worht it : )

and i liked ur couzin's gesture.. its nice of him..u know..

and ofcourse..the more we think and appreciate Allah's BleSsings..the more contented we become..sometimes when i feel sad i think of those less than me..and i know how much i have and still complaining..? so i get HapPy again and thankful so elhamdu Allah for every thing

Hey..don't worry i LOovE long comments ^_^..thankS for PAsSing By..

Bookworm said...

Tres interesant marmar..
I'll pass by and comment a good long 'un later on..

Bookworm said...

Awww, mashAlla your uncle is so cute. Allah y5alelich eyah inshAlla ou y6awel 3emreh.

ok, you know, I'm finally going to reply since I said I would.

Like you, I def hate crying in public. It makes me feel vulnerable. Is it wrong? I don't know..but I just know I don't like it. And because I rarely ever ever do cry like that, I think Im in a reverse situation kinda thing. Lately, as I'm getting on in years (in other words, old Bookworm), I find myself tearing up readily. In public or not. and I hate that..ME must be myself getting back at I..

I have a pretty close relationship with my grandmother and grandpa el7mdilla. The other day, when we came back from India, we went to say hello. Usually, I kiss my grandfather's hand and head and he kisses my hand. He tells me he missed me, and I tell him I missed him and we catch up. But that day, he kissed me on my head and gave me a big hug and told me that I had gone for too long. I nearly cried. I really don't know how I managed to..not to. We're not a mushy kinda family. We love each other to bits, but we bank on the fact that we know that we love one another instead of showing or saying it. My granps has always tried to make me move in with them, ever since I was a kid, espicially since we didn't really live here, and i have sort of ignored my family and lived there for almost all my summer holidays during my middle and high school years.

So, to answer your question: I find difficulty in expressing my feelings at times, even to my best or close friends. Sometimes I just need time to figure out things myself. Sometimes I know they just won't understand. And you knw, in the things that really matter: caring for friends/family and loving them..i just try to show it with actions. It works sometimes, but Im workin on becoming 'better'. sheftee elfaylasoofa? :P

Ahh, me and my long comments. Wanna bet that my comment is longer than your actual post?